Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Square Enix's neverending JRPG for mobile is probably your favorite FF game on your phone right now (except maybe if you have the mobile ports of the console games). In addition to original characters, Brave Exvius also allows us to summon our favorite Final Fantasy character from the older titles. 

Summoning characters is done using Lapis (the game's gems) or through the Summon Tickets - items that you get either by buying or even just logging in. 

Of course, as mentioned, Summon Tickets are pricey. Plus, it is rare to come up as a reward these days. This means, you can't just use your Summon Tickets when you have it and when you like it. Here are some tips to help you in your decision:

Tips for using your Summon Tickets in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Tip 1. Use it When Rerolling:

Rerolling involves restarting the game in order to use again the Lapis and the Summon Tickets you already use. When you reroll, you have a high chance of getting rare characters than just going on your normal playthrough. 

For more information on rerolling in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, check out our article here:

Tip 2. Using Lapis VS. Rare Summon Tickets:

As mentioned, when summoning new units, you either use Lapis or Summon Tickets. Now which one should you use?

This one might be a bit heartbreaking or a great deal of relief, but the type of Summon you get has nothing to do with if you use Lapis or Summon Tickets. As far as we know, the algorithm used in the game doesn't calculate how you pay to summon a unit. 

I highly recommend that you also use Lapis on increasing your inventory size. Once you get to the 2nd island, you will need to start forging better equipment and your inventory will fill up quickly if you don't. Not to mention that it's really a hassle to try and sell items to create more space every few times you play. Of course, this is just my opinion and some others say otherwise.

Tip 3. Awakening Units After Summoning Them:

When you use your Summon Tickets to get a new character, and since summoning is expensive (as it costs 1 Summon Ticket), take an effort to level up the character you summoned. If the character can be "awakened" to 5-stars in the future, then that means he or she is a powerful unit. 5-Star units tend to be characters that can still be useful even at endgame.

Tip 4. How to manage everything you get when you first start out:

The beginning of the game is where everything else is laid out. Use your summon tickets. Reroll to get the units you like. Use Lapis to expand your inventory. Once you are deep within the game, there is no point in rerolling, so you will be stuck in using Summon Tickets "when" you like it. But there's one last tip I like you to know:

Tip 5. Use Summon Tickets when there are Summon Events:

Most of the time, Square Enix launches events inside Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius which allows you an "increased chance" in getting a rare unit. Those are the times you should use your Summon Tickets. For example, last event, there was a big chance to obtain Locke, Hayate, and Artemios. So yes, a lot of people get them because the event provides an opportunity to increase the chance of getting them.

This means that - once there is an event that involves your favorite character, or a character that you think will be useful until endgame, then go for it.


Do you have other tips for using Summon Tickets in Brave Exvius?

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