Espers also known as Phantom Beasts (or Final Fantasy Summons) are magical beings that can be summoned on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. They have different types of magic that can be used against foes. You will have your first Esper as the story progresses. To use your first Esper, you have to equip him or her on a unit. Once equipped, the unit will receive 1% of the Esper's stats.


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An esper that was long ago sealed away in Siren's Tower due to its fearsome power. It looks like a bewitching young woman with beautiful wings like those of bird. Those who hear its heavenly voice were said to be mesmerized by it's power that they would throw themselves into the sea.
source: Exvius Wiki

This lovely Esper is of Water element and has +50% Water Resistance and -50% Lightning Resistance. Siren's Lunatic Voice is a water damage that can lull enemies to sleep. You can reach her on the Siren's Tower and her rarity is at two stars max. 


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An esper that was sealed away in Inferno Hollows. Unquenchable flames rage around its hulking body, ready to reduce anything in its path to smoldering ash. Possessed of unspeakable fighting spirit, it attacks intruders to its lair with the ferocity of a savage beast, showing them the true meaning of destruction.
source: Exvius Wiki

This beast looking Esper is of Fire element and has +50% Fire Resistance, -50% Ice Resistance, and an additional +10% Blind Resistance. Ifrit's Hellfire is a fire damage that can cause harm to all enemies. You can reach him in Inferno Hollow and his rarity is at two stars max. 


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An esper of earth that was sealed away in the Zadehl Desert. In the past, tribes native to the region worshipped it as a guardian of the desert. And yet, for some reason, this mystical creature was sealed deep in the sands it once protected. Perhaps those who prove worthy can unearth the secrets buried in history...
source: Exvius Wiki

This Esper made from rocks is of Stone element and has +50% Earth Resistance and -50% Wind Resistance. Golem's Earthen Wall is an earth element defense that can decrease the amount of physical damage taken for all allies. You can reach him in Zadehl Southersands and his rarity is at two stars max. 


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Little is known to this Esper. We just know the basics that she is of Ice element and has +50% Ice Resistance and -50% Fire Resistance. Shiva's Diamond Dust is a blizzard element damage that can cause harm to all enemies. You can reach her in Lanzelt Mountains and her rarity is at two stars max. 

We should remember that there are other Eidolons / Esper in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The tables below will help you in leveling them up!

How to Level up Your Eidolon / Esper:

The way for you to Level up your Esper or Eidolon is to feed him or her with Magicites. Here's a chart corresponding to the correct Magicite that you should use. 

Guide: 1 Red Magic Stone gives 600 exp. However, Ifrit gets 900 exp if you feed him that:

Magic stone, 300

Red Magicite: 600 exp, (Ifrit gets 900 exp)
Blue Magicite: 600 exp, (Siren gets 900 exp)
Green Magicite: 600 exp
White Magicite: 600, Carbuncle (900 exp)
Black Magicite: 600, Diabolos (900 exp)
Yellow Magicite: 600, Ramuh (900 exp)
Orange Magicite: 600, Golem (900 exp)
Purple Magicite: 600, Shiva (900 exp)
Large Red Magicite: 1200, Ifrit (1800 exp)
Large Blue Magicite: 1200, Siren (1800 exp)
Large Green Magicite: 1200
Large White Magicite: 1200, Carbuncle (1800 exp)
Large Black Magicite: 1200, Diabolos (1800 exp)
Large Yellow Magicite: 1200, Ramuh (1800 exp)
Large Orange Magicite: 1200, Golem (1800 exp)
Large Purple Magicite: 1200, Shiva (1800 exp)

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