Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has been an overnight sensation since its global release and for good reason too! As a solid Final Fantasy experience, it lets us experience a new-yet-familiar story and gameplay with characters old and new.

To help you along your journey to save the crystals and restore order, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius allows you call upon Visions, Warriors from different worlds and dimensions to fight along side you.

Visions are actually characters from different Final Fantasy games. By now, you should know that already.

But who are the best Brave Exvius characters? We covered these extensively in the past. Today, let's check out the best Recovery Units and healers in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

All information is from the Brave Exvius JP Server. It is not impossible to think that many of these characters will cross over to the Global Servers soon!

FF Brave Exvius Best 5 Healers:

1. Refia:

Brave Exvius' Refia is fully equipped with everything you need to keep your team in the best condition. She can fully revive any party member with "Arise", cure any and all abnormal state with "Esuna", restore petrified allies with "Stona" and heal 100% HP with "Cueruga". Plus she has the ability to learn "Encourage", which makes her excellent for support.

2. Lenna:

Brave Exvius' Lenna is strongest in terms of healing your units from various types of abnormal states. She can also function in a few other roles besides being your party healer. Lenna can increase the magical power of all allies with her limit burst. One of her best points is that she can raise attack and defense by 40%, however, she has the least amount of HP out of all the 4-star characters.

3. Tilith:

Once again making our list is Brave Exvius' Tilith. She ranks a bit lower this time due to her high levels of MP consumption compared with other units on our list. Of course, if you can manage your MP wisely, she will be a super helpful addition to your team. On the other hand, she has outrageously high HP, plus she can cure all allies. Her special abilities "Celestial Light" and "Rainbow Veil" will increase attack and defense for by 40%!

4. Garnet:

Garnet is a healer by profession and naturally has Curaga to fully heal HP. She has Regen that allows HP regeneration in a number of turns. Plus her maximum MP is highest of all the healers, as she specializes in healing and reviving her allies.

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