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By popular demand, we are bringing you the 5 best magic units in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. But before we do, for those of you who are just starting out in the game, we have a full Brave Exvius overview to help you get started in the game.

FFBE Best Magic Users - JP Server:

1. Dark Fina

2017 03 10 03 42 56 ffbe dark fina

Dark Fina has access to the most powerful -Ga spells and the most powerful magic attack - Ultima. Like Exdeath, she can twice cast magic twice. She can even counter physical attacks with magic + she has increased resistance (100%) to common status ailments.

2. Trance Terra

2017 03 10 03 48 59 ffbe trance terra

Why Trance Terra is lower in the magic tier list is because she has other useful abilities that is for supporting the team (such as Arise - revive units with 100% HP). However, she has access as well to Ra- spells and Graviga and Firaga. She also has Ultima and "Chaos Wave" is one of the most powerful magical attacks in the game. It just so happens that it does not have an attribute so you cannot do some chaining. Trance Terra's HP is also quite low so you need to defend at all cost.

3. Swimmer Dark Fina

2017 03 10 03 58 34 ffbe swimmer dark fina

She does exist! Swimmer Dark Fina has one of the biggest MP in the game. Very similar to Dark Fina, it just so happens that Swimmer Dark Fina has water-based attacks. At 6-stars, she can counter enemies, increased magic power, resistance to status ailments, & access to dualcast. Her final skill can enchant enemies, though its success is pegged at 20% only.

5. William

2017 03 10 04 03 49 ffbe william

William is a magic unit that is very good at one attribute - Earth. While some of his magic does not have attributes, Quake is good for chaining. Many of his abilities can deal AoE attacks. With Rod Mastery, he'll have a 50% increase in MAG stat when equipped with Rod.

5. Ace

2017 03 10 04 09 58 ffbe ace

In addition to his Auto-Refresh and Tri Beam Laser, Ace has the ability to be the best magic user in the game, if not for the randomness of many of his magic abilities.

(GL) Magic User Ranking:

1. Dark Fina

2017 03 10 04 13 50 ffbe dark fina

Dark Fina has access to all Ga-spells from the get go. Ultima is also a skill she can learn early levels at 6-stars. MP is also higher so even if you Dual Cast, it will take time before you run out. She does have Osmose, but we assume with her high MAG, she will not need it most of the time.

2. Exdeath

2017 03 10 04 17 16 ffbe exdeath

While Dark Fina has Ultima, Exdeath has Meteor. He also has access to Dual Cast. This means he could reach the level of Dark Fina. The only thing separating them is the fact that Exdeath has lesser MP and MAG compared to her. Dark Fina also has access to equipment (such as hats) that can further increase her magic ability. Exdeath trades this for the ability to equip stronger armors, which then increased his defense.

3. Emperor

2017 03 10 04 21 06 ffbe emperor

Emperor has "Starfall", which is his ultimate skill that we can compare to Ultima and Meteor. He also has Flare. My problem? The majority of Emperor's skills will increase his stats while at the same time decreasing stats of his allies. Example, "Control" will increase his MAG but will Decrease the SPR of HIS Allies. Another skill will recover his HP but will deal 50% damage to one ally. How bad can the Emperor be?

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