By popular demand, we are bringing you the 5 best magic units in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. But before we do, for those of you who are just starting out in the game, we have a full Brave Exvius overview to help you get started in the game.

All information is from the Brave Exvius JP Server. It won't be long before these characters will all cross over to the global version! 

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius - The 5 Best Magic Units

1. Ace:

Brave Exvius' Ace is simply the best Magic user in this game. He comes with his own set of unique abilities, most notably his "Tri-laser" whose power level is comparable to "Ultima" (The highest magical attack in the game.) Also, his attack power without using any MP is still high. You just can't go wrong with having him on your team.

Ace will quickly go through MP so you will need to equip Ramuh.

2. Hope:

Hope can fit in 3 different roles for one team. His magical attacks are are comparable to Terra and Kefka. He can learn Raise to resurrect fallen allies as well as Esuna to cure any abnormal state.

The best Esper (Summon) to use with Hope is Diablo as he will help boost his HP and recover MP.

3. Arc:

Don't let his size full you, this Brave Exvius' Arc's special ability is that he can use Black Magic twice in one turn, which can quickly take an enemy out, boost MP by 20%, and also increase magic by 20%. It's easy to see how he can become a weapon of mass destruction.

4. Kefka:

Kefka's magic ranks high among all the characters. His own trademark "Hyperdrive" attack can break through any magic defense and can deal a lot of magical damage. Kefka doubles as a magic caster and high hitter. But there are two major drawbacks -  his low HP and low defense against Physical attacks. But of course, you have a healer in your team right?

Kefka is best with Ramuh.

But if want to balance his HP and low DEF choose Shiva.

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