Updated: March 9, 2017 for GL and JP servers!
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has an ever growing list of amazing characters that you can Summon as Visions to help you throughout your journey.

But, which characters are the best to use? And how should I use them?

Those are very good questions and all week we are going to be rolling out articles covering everything you need to know about the game. We have an article covering the strongest in every category:

And, today we are ranking the 5 Best Tankers in Final Fantasy: Brave Evius.

JP Tier List:

1. Warrior of Light:

2017 03 09 03 46 53 ffbe warrior of light

At 6-stars, the Warrior of Light has fantastic HP and Defense. Furthermore, the majority of his 6-star abilities increase his ability to tank for your team. One example is "Hope", which gives the Warrior of Light 100% DEFENSE if ever he's HP drops below 30%.

He has a 50% chance to defend ally with his final skill "the Light is With Us". This is an improvement to his "Sentinel" which only gives 30%. If you activate his "Encourage", he will absolutely be targeted by the enemy, allowing him to counter with "Pride of Warrior" (30% chance to counter magic with self-recover). Take note that several enhancements can be made to further increase the strength of his abilities.

2. Wilhelm

2017 03 09 03 52 35 wilhelm

Wilhelm has one of the best defenses in the game. Both he and the Warrior of Light can force the enemy to target them with ease, but while the Warrior of Light has powerful debuffs, Wilhelm's defensive capabilities will make sure each enemy attack does not bring him down. If ever it did, his first 6-star skill, Insatiable Heart, will make sure he has 75% increase in defense when his HP is below 30%.

3. Gladio

2017 03 09 04 02 50 ffbe gladios

Gladio's incredible HP can rival even that of the Warrior of Light. He does have a lot of useful ATK abilities. When it comes to tanking, his first 6-star skill allows for a 20% chance counter. A number of his abilities need to be activated (meaning, they cost MP) in order to tank for allies. However, those abilities, such as "Dash Guard" and "Royal Armlet" will be active for a series of turns.

4. Charlotte

2017 03 09 04 10 04 ffbe charlotte

While she doesn't have an ability to "counter", Charlotte can protect allies by a number of her abilities, from "Cover" (5% chance) to Royal Armlet (50% chance, passive) and "Grandshelt's Shield" (50%, 3 Turns, ALL ALLIES). You can enhance her more with 不滅の闘志 which gives Charlotte the ability to ignore up to 1 fatal attack 50%.

5. Elfried

2017 03 09 04 16 44 ffbe elfried

Another character that has incredible HP to tank attacks. Much of this can be increased if you equip Elfried with Light Armor. In addition to her countering abilities (albeit the stats lesser than the units above), she has some excellent debuff skills which can be a great skill addition in your arsenal.

GL Rank List

1. Cecil

2017 03 09 04 30 56 ffbe cecil

The Paladin Cecil remains to be our strongest tanker with his chance to protect allies via Cover (5%), Sentinel (30%), and Saintly Wall (75%). He's no 1 in our list because his various support spells not only increase his DEF but also the DEF (and other stats) of his teammates.

2. White Knight Noel:

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