Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has an ever growing list of amazing characters that you can Summon as Visions to help you throughout your journey.

But, which characters are the best to use? And how should I use them?

Those are very good questions and all week we are going to be rolling out articles covering everything you need to know about the game. We have an article covering the strongest in every category:

And, today we are ranking the 5 Best Tankers in Final Fantasy: Brave Evius.

Note that we're getting information from the Japanese Brave Exvius. Some of these characters should cross over the Global Game soon.

FF Brave Exvius Best Tanker List:

1. Snow:

Game: FF13, Points: 97/100

Brave Exvius' Snow is your man when it comes to defense and HP. Plus, once you Awaken him to 6-stars, he will learn "Attract" and "Counter". He will be able to protect his allies from enemy attacks and fight back with a vengeance.

Don't let his name fool you, Snow actually has a high resistance to magic attacks especially Fire, go figure.

2. Cecil:

Game: FF4, Points: 95/100

Cecil's special ability "Saint Wall" will increase the team's defense by 75%. To make things even better, he will automatically protect any low HP or low ranking characters in the party.  

He is actually one of my personal favorites in the game, so I highly recommend getting him or becoming friends with someone that has him.

3. Charlotte:

Game:FFBE, Points: 88/100

Charlotte's "Royal Guard" allows her to be attacked instead of her allies. This works out well thanks to her high level of defense. She actually specializes in defense so all of her abilities and specials focus on that.

This can be a drawback because her attacks are only in limit breaks and those aren't as strong as we would like to the be. But still, for defense, she is a good choice.

4. Salamander:

Game: FF9, Points: 85/100

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