For you to complete the Olderion Federation Part 2 experience, you must explore the Water Shrine. It includes one of the most helpful treasures in the game - the ATK 10% Materia Recipe! We will teach you how to obtain it and how to get the most out of the Water Shrine, Gil and Exp wise.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius boasts a retro style classic RPG with a chance to meet past Final Fantasy characters. Players can obtain characters by means of Gacha. The game is by Square Enix and marketed by Gumi.

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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Water Shrine Guide

Total NRG: 65 NRG
4 Battles / Dungeon

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source: exvius-wiki


1 - Recipe for Lunar Curtain
- Blue Megacite
3 - White Fang
4 -  Elixir
5 - Angel Ring
6 - Star Quartz
7 - Star Quartz

Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)

1 - Recipe for ATK +10%

FFBE Water Shrine Exploration Boss Fight:

Classification: Reaper
Lv: 60
HP: 230000
MP: 300
Resistances: Lightning, Holy (-50%), Water (+100%), All Status Ailment (Null)

How to Maximize Gil and EXP

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source: exvius-wiki

For you to completely clear the Water Shrine Exploration, you have to meet a number of Gil acquired and monster deaths. The game is going to give a pre-determined amount of Gil from the two zones on the image above.

Zone 1 will give you a total of 4,280 Gil.
Zone 2 will give you a total of 11,188 Gil.

After defeating the boss, the whole Water Shrine Exploration should give you a total of 11,634 Gil and 59,608 EXP.

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