Just in time for the holidays, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has a new event called the Holiday Special. From December 23, 2016 - January 5, 2017, you stand a chance to pull original FFBE characters. They are: 

1. White Knight Noel
2. Santa Roselia
3. Medius
4. Cerius

All of these characters are upgradeable to 6-stars. For this article, we will learn more about White Knight Noel and Santa Roselia. Let us check if they are units you would like to put in your FFBE Team.

FFBE White Knight Noel Guide:

2016 12 21 09 03 59 ffbe white knight noel

The first thing we can see is above is Noel's massive HP and MP with low ATK. This combo suggests White Knight Noel's role as a tanker for your FFBE Team. But what will he use this huge MP for? Let's find out,

White Knight Noel Stats:

1. White Knight Noel at 5-Stars

• HP (2815)
• MP (125)
• ATK (88)
• DEF (107)
• INT (107)
• Mind (86)

2. White Knight Noel at 6-stars

• HP (3660)
• MP (162)
• ATK (114)
• DEF (139)
• INT (136)
• Mind (112)

3. Limit Burst

• 5-stars - "White Shroud" -  AoE +40%/59% DEF/MAG for 3 Turns. MP Cost - 14
• 6-stars - "Silver Curtain" = AoE +50%/74% DEF/MAG for 3 Turns + 30MP. MP Cost - 16

White Knight Noel is resistant to Ice and Wind by 25%, but has a weakness to Fire by 50%.

White Knight Noel's Magic Abilities:

2016 12 21 09 35 15 ffbe white knight noel magic

For a unit with lots of MP, White Knight Noel's magic seems limiting. He doesn't have access even to basic magic attacks with lesser MP cost. However, perhaps we look more at his abilities and see if his MP will be put to good use:

FFBE White Knight Noel Abilities:

2016 12 21 09 55 12 ffbe white knight noel abilities

1. White Knight Noel FFBE Analysis

White Knight Noel is primarily a tank, but we can consider him as a hybrid because of his high Mag Stats and High-Damaging Ice and Wind attacks. 

When it comes to tanking, his Bring it On and Attack can greatly benefit the team. As he draws attacks to himself, he can counter them with Ice attacks. The only issue here is - what if the enemy is resistant to Ice, or if the enemy absorbs Ice attacks? We should probably be wary of that every time we use him. 

2. White Knight Noel vs Other Units

• VS Snow

While I could not compare him to Cecil, I would like to compare him to Snow, which many of you should have because of the recent banners. I can say both are pretty balanced when it comes to their ability pool vis a vis their stats. Snow has higher attack stat but that's because much of his attacks does not need MP. While both units are adept in countering, I like that Snow's final ability, Battle Roar, can increase the attack of all allies at the sacrifice of his HP. White Knight Noel will go with Winter Palisade with a random chance to deal certain ice damage towards the enemy. 

• VS Mages

Against other Mages, though, I don't know what White Knight Noel's spot will be, when compared to someone like Exdeath or even Kefka, who right now is capped at 5-stars but with access to more types of magics. 

3. Should you summon for White Knight Noel?

He rides on a freaking Magitek Armor Reindeer and he is certainly a beauty to look at. Many adore White Knight Noel's design. You might want to summon him for collection purposes, but if you are a free-to-play player, will you sacrifice your lapis and summon tickets for him? Let us know in the comments below.

FFBE Santa Roselia Guide:

2016 12 21 10 17 30 ffbe santa roselia

With high SPR and MAG, we naturally think that Santa Roselia is that unit who will become part of your team as your main healer and support. Will she live up to our expectations, let's find out as we check her stats.

Santa Roselia Stats:

1. Santa Roselia at 4-Stars

• HP (1765)
• MP (107)
• ATK (63)
• DEF (66)
• INT (71)
• Mind (90)

2. Santa Roselia at 5-stars

• HP (2295)
• MP (139)
• ATK (82)
• DEF (86)
• INT (92)
• Mind (117)

3. Santa Roselia at 6-stars

• HP (2284)
• MP (180)
• ATK (107)
• DEF (112)
• INT (120)
• Mind (152) 

3. Limit Burst

• 4-stars - "Celestial Healing" -  AoE 800 Base + 1.6x/2.3x & Cure Status. MP Cost - 12
• 5-stars - "Celestial Healing" -  AoE 1000 Base + 1.8x/2.75x & Cure Status. MP Cost - 14
• 6-stars - "Celestial Healing" -  AoE 1200 Base + 2x/3.2x & Cure Status + 30% SPR Buff/3 Turns. MP Cost - 16

Santa Roselia is resistant to Ice by 25%.

Santa Roselia Magic Spells:

2016 12 21 10 30 16 ffbe santa roselia magic

Santa Roselia is rock solid with her Cura Spells and Esuna, something that is very important vs a lot of enemies. We like her Regen too, which gives us 400HP for 3 turns. 

Santa Roselia, however, lack one important move that I believe is very important the higher and the longer you play Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. For a support unit, she lacks the ability to revive her teammates.

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