Final Fantasy XV Director, Hajime Tabata gave a heartwarming closing statement to wrap the year 2016. He is thankful that finally they were able to deliver the much awaited Final Fantasy XV to the hands of delighted fans worldwide.

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Director Hajime Tabata was very proud to say that they were able to accomplish the goals that they set. This included subtitles for 12 languages, four fully voiced languages, and the release of FFXV globally. The mini-game mobile app that they created for FFXV was able to bridge the real world with the game world.

Director Tabata said he will repay the favor by stating that there will be more updates to come in the game, including DLCs. These will provide a long-lasting and more enjoyable gameplay for the players of Final Fantasy XV.

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Final Fantasy XV was released on November 29, 2016 worldwide. Its launch delighted millions of Final Fantasy fans and caused seemingly eternal long lines in other parts of the world.

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Final Fantasy XV shipped five million units via hard copy and digital sales on its first 24-hour launch. The game now holds the title of the biggest launch in franchise history.

Looks like Directer Hajime Tabata was pleased on how FF fans welcomed his work with arms wide open.

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