Zephiel is from the world of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He has his own Grand Hero Battle: Zephiel that runs from April 20, 2017 to April 24, 2017.

Zephiel is the heir to the Bern throne. He is a gifted child and has the makings of a good ruler. His father, King Desmond, doesn't approve of his future ascension. He wants his favored daughter, Guinivere's husband to rule instead.

He was almost murdered by Jaffar and Nino. But Nino overheard him pray about his family. This made her and Jaffar abandon the mission and flee leaving him unconscious. He was rescued by Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn from the Black Fangs which is led by Ursula.

Zephiel is a Red Orb unit with a 3★ - 4 rarity. Her movement speed is Armored.

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Zephiel | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

• Rarity: 3★ - 4★
• Color Type: Red
• Weapon Type: Sword
• Mode of Travel: Armored

Base Statistics (3★):
• Base HP: 23 ~ 25
• ATK: 7 ~ 9
• SPD: 1 ~ 3
• DEF: 10 ~ 12
• RES: 3 ~ 5

Base Statistics (4★):
• Base HP: 23 ~ 25
• ATK: 8 ~ 10
• SPD: 1 ~ 3
• DEF: 11 ~ 13
• RES: 3 ~ 5

Base Statistics (5★):

• Base HP: 24 ~ 26
• ATK: 8 ~ 10
• SPD: 2 ~ 4
• DEF: 11 ~ 13
• RES: 4 ~ 6

*Max Statistics (5★):
• Base HP: 54 ~ 56
• ATK: 29 ~ 31
• SPD: 15 ~ 17
• DEF: 40 ~ 42
• RES: 23 ~ 25

You can get Zephiel during his Grand Hero Battle: Zephiel or via in a Red Orb Summon after his event. As an Armored Red Sword user, we can compare him to Draug. Their ATK is the same at 30 points. Draug only has SPD (32 vs 16) as his advantage. Zephiel has better HP (55 vs 50), DEF (41 vs 39), and RES (24 vs 18).

If we compare Zephiel and Lucina, the top ranking Red Sword unit in the game, Lucina beats him in ATK (34 vs 30) and SPD (36 vs 16). As an armored unit, Zephiel wins in HP (55 vs 43), DEF (41 vs 25), and RES (24 vs 19).


Notable Weapons (might):

• Iron Sword (6)
• Steel Sword (8)
• Silver Sword (11)
• Eckesachs (16)

Eckesachs is Zephiel's weapon of choice. He grapples it firmly, spins it, and thrust it to his foe. In Fire Emblem Heroes, this weapon can inflict DEF-4 on foes within 2 tiles through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Special Skills:

• Retribution
• Reprisal

Both Retribution and Reprisal has the ability to grant bonus to damage dealt to 30% of damage suffered. However, Reprisal has a faster cooldown at 2.

Passives Skills:

• Life and Death (1/2/3)

This skill can grant Zephiel ATK/SPD (+3/+4/+5) and inflict DEF/RES (-3/-4/-5).

• Wary Fighter (1/2/3)

This skill can prevent follow-up attacks in combat from unit and foes if Zephiel's HP is greater than or equal to (90% / 70% / 50%).

Zephiel | Recommended Inherit Skill:

• Pivot
Skill: Assist Skill
Hero: Cherche, Eirika, Marth
Restriction: Staff Users Can't Inherit.
This Assist Skill will move the unit to the opposite side of adjacent ally.

• Bonfire
Skill: Special Skill
Hero: Robin - Male, Tiki - Adult
Restriction: Staff Users Can't Inherit.
This Special Skill can boost the unit's damage dealt by 50% of unit's DEF.

• Threaten ATK 3
Skill: Type-C Passive Skill
Hero: Azama, Cain, Fae, Hawkeye
Restriction: None
This Passive Skill inflicts ATK -5 on foes within 2 tiles through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Zephiel | Final Evaluation:

Zephiel has a very high HP and DEF if compared to other Red Orb unit. As an armored character, he can only move 1 tile. Partnering him with a Healer can make him almost an unstoppable unit.

Having him inherit Bonfire can make use of his high DEF. This will make him deal more damage to an enemy since his SPD is low and he can not do any follow-up attack. Adding Pivot in his skill set can help you take advantage of his "tanky-ness". The last recommended Inherit Skill is Threaten ATK 3. This will not only, lower down ATK of nearby foes but this will also mean that he and his allies will get pretty low attacks.

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