Do you want a new handheld console for Christmas? Or are you thinking of what to get your child or little sibling--who probably still believes that there's a jolly old chubby man who slides down the chimney late at night on the 24th to carefully place presents under the Christmas tree--this year?

Here's a great deal for you!

PlayStation Vita + Christmas Stocking Limited Edition Set

The Japanese PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model in Crystal Black comes with (or rather, in) a large Christmas stocking with the iconic PlayStation logo, as well as a miniature Christmas tree and a yellow bell hanging from it. The Christmas stocking case is big enough to fit your PS Vita and some game cards.

This bundle has been available since November 19th, when the PlayStation Christmas campaign began, and since then, its price has changed quite a few times. It was originally sold for about 18,000 yen ($180) in November, and reached its lowest price just last week, at 16,000 yen ($160) on Amazon Japan. Now it's back up at 24,000 yen ($240), so if you're so inclined, make your purchase now before it becomes more expensive!

Here's the Japanese commercial for the PS Vita Christmas bundle back in November. In the video, a number of Santa Clauses play the role of students, while a child, who apparently is the teacher, comes to the classroom and starts his lecture. He announces that Christmas is near and asks his students what they think would be a good present to give to children. One Santa answers with "Games!" The teacher starts talking about PlayStation Vita and tells his students that they might regret it if they don't give out units of this console for Christmas.

"The children will like it, Santa will be happy too... In short, win-win!"

Towards the end, the voice over says, "Santa Claus studies too, you know!"

What will you be getting yourself this Christmas?

Are you getting a console? A bunch of new games? Anime DVDs? Or perhaps a VR device?

If you're buying a PS Vita, make sure to check some of the games we've written about in the articles below.

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