Bandai Namco hosted an open beta test on November 21 for God Eater Online, their upcoming mobile game app. The game is expected to launch this year and is available for Android & iOS.

God Eater Online is a game set in an apocalyptic world where humans fighting off monsters known as "Aragami" using weapons derived from Aragami monsters called "God Arcs". The game is set in the Himalayan Branch and takes place years just after the events in God Eater 2: Rage Burst.  

Here's what to expect from this God Eater smartphone game:

Familiar Features:

Character Customization

Players are able to customize their characters and choose their name, gender, skin tone, hair, face, and voice. 

God Arcs

The same familiar God Arcs for both Melee and Range type of weapons are still in the game and can be bought in the shop.

"Burst" and "Link Burst"

When "devouring" Aragami, players are still able to have "burst" powers or transfer burst to your playmate through "link burst".

Story Missions

The setting for the game is in the Himalayas Branch and follows the events that takes place after the God Eater 2: Rage Burst game. 

Four-Player Teams

In a mode called "Order", players are able to team up with three other players totaling to four people to fight just like in the original game.

New Features:

One Hundred Player Team Co-Op

Players are able to team up with over one hundred people at the same time in battling aragami. However, in this mode players have to be careful because multiple Aragami might appear. God Arcs also have a limited durability so players would have to regularly repair them. 

Players will have to return to a Commercial Area to repair damaged god arcs. Reparations are relatively inexpensive but gets expensive when durability turns to "0" or depending on how much repair it needs. 

"Abyss Factor"

When devouring aragami, players are able to use certain abilities depending on which aragami you devour. Upon releasing that ability, it takes in the form of the aragami you devoured and is called an "Abyss Factor".

However, this ability is a skill that needs upgrading. The higher the skill level, the more prominent the aragami form and higher the effectiveness of the ability.

Skill Allocation

Each time characters level up, players earn a point they can allocate to their stats. There are six types of stats in the game namely: PowerSkillStaminaStrengthIntelligence, and Luck. Characters can be an expert in melee attacks, shooting, or spying depending on where the player allocates the stats. Skill allocation is useful since it gives players the option to play in a style that suits them.

God Eater Online is the first smartphone game for this franchise. It's expected to launch this year on Android and iOS.

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