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Niantic’s decision to shut down the famous Pokemon Tracker, Pokevison, gained different reactions from many Pokemon Go enthusiasts. Many thought that tracker apps are necessary to get that full Pokemon Go experience!

The company put an end to these Pokemon Go trackers for many reasons. Most of all, it is to help establish the fairness in playing the game. Niantic also stated that this move will benefit not only their company, but also those who choose not to use any kinds of cheat to progress in the game. Yes. The company views these third party trackers as a cheat module that kills the enjoyment of the hit mobile game.

Liu, the creator of the popular tracker, also said that PokeVision reached over 50 million users with around 12 million active users every day. If you come to think of it, thousands of money were brought by this ever loved tracker to its creator. That’s why we think this is one of the reasons that captured the attention of Niantic. Aside from the fact that this removes the organic excitement of the game, we also think that Niantic was alarmed by the number of its users.

In the past weeks, various developers also decided to close their own creations due to Pokemon GO’s latest update. This update ceased the “nearby Pokemon” feature making all existing trackers to be worthless. (though a new "sightings" feature is introduced yesterday)

But this does not stop other developers to create their own trackers to be used in-game. They are trying to keep their phase with Niantic’s updates to make the enthusiasts enjoy ‘more’ while playing. One of the recently released is FastPokeMap.

FastPokeMap - Pokemon Go Tracker!

FastPokeMap was introduced to the public last Sunday, August 7. The developer is from Brussels, Belgium. According to theTwitter bio, the creator is a Security Researcher and Network Security Specialist.  Not only that, this guy is the founder of one the most famous subbing sites for Anime, Horrible Subs. 

Since its release, the developer shares non-stop updates in their official Twitter page. According to BGR, the PokemonVision and FastPokeMap have their own distinct features and the most notable one is about the scan radius.

One of the primary differences between FastPokeMap and Pokevision is the scan radius. In Pokevision, when you scanned for Pokemon in your area, you’d see a huge area filled with Pokemon. On the other hand, FastPokeMap is slightly more limited, which means you’ll only see creatures basically within walking distance.

Up to this day, the beta is now running live. For those aspiring users, you can check the link we provided below.

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