The Street Fighter series has been enjoyed by kids and adults alike from its first release in August 1987. This simple side-scroller is still loved by loyal fans, as well as casual gamers, due to its attractive characters and their unique fighting styles.

One of the many reasons why fans are hyped up about the fifth sequel's release is the sheer joy of seeing their favourite characters from way back when, redesigned and reintroduced to fit today's gaming demands--or, at least, what Capcom thinks the fans want to see.

So pumped for this game. The last street fighter I played was the 2nd one on super nintendo which I loved so [I've] decided to give this ago and see how things have changed over the years

Nice to see Cammy, AGAIN... Naw JK she looks badass and bootyful, and I don't remember Birdie being Fat Ô_ó

Even before its release, players who were able to access the demo servers in July and August shared their thoughts on the game.

Demo Plays

Youtuber Goodbye18000 waited for about 8 minutes in the Training Room with his chosen warrior Ryu to test the waters with Nash, before switching over to Chun-Li pitted against Ryu. He immediately got a hang of the controls and at 7:57, he finally got a match!

This time, he continued to fight as Chun-Li against challenger Unholy X who was using Ryu. Unfortunately, he lost.

He proceeded to train using other characters until the end of the video.

In the above video, pacifisto shares his Street Fighter beta playthrough, focusing on the controversial new character Rainbow Mika, as well as old-time favourite Karin Kanzuki.

Though he kept on losing, his goal was to familiarise himself with Karin's special attacks and combos.

Post-Release Plays

Daveberg69 gives us 3 hours worth of pure Street Fighter bliss.

He shortly tested the Character Story mode at the beginning of the video, before going full throttle at the Casual Match mode.

Finally, Rage Select's Joe and Jeff of "The Dojo" commentate on their 2-player extravaganza. The video is a good 43-minute preview of what you can expect when you purchase the game, mixed with humorous bantering and discussion on the characters' new appearances.

Have you tried it out for yourself yet? What do you think of the characters' new designs and attacks? How are you liking the various modes you can play in?

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