Despite the, if I may say so, disappointing update released by Niantic, the creators of the game. Users from the website SilphRoad have thoroughly examined the code of a previous update and have found some things worth mentioning. The information from the site is reliable as they have already predicted the holiday hats released in the latest update.

Sound files of the next 100 Pokémon

Even though the second generation was not released in the update for this Monday, the fact that these sound files can be found in the code confirms the eventual release of it. It even makes it more real, more tangible in a way. In the previous update the audio files corresponded only to the initial 151 Pokémon, now there are sound files for 251. Some of these may correspond to the new Baby Pokémon that Niantic released in the before mentioned update, but the other 92 are still waiting there, ready to be executed as soon as they add them officially.

The Pokémon may soon display their gender

In the main series, each Pokémon displays a different gender, Male or Female. This is not the case in Pokémon Go, at least not so far. This attribute will be displayed, probably, in a future update. Some Pokémon evolve differently depending on their gender. This is not the case for the first generation, but in the second one, Gender is a must. This could mean two things: the possibility of a breeding mechanic, though I think this is unlikely, it would defeat the purpose of going out to find Pokémon; or the indication of even more preparations for the second generation. Whatever the case, Pokémon Go will, more than likely, implement a gender system in the future.

Shiny variants for Pokémon

Also in the main series, you could find Pokémon with a different color palette, this meant they were stronger than their normal counterparts. They were incredibly rare. According to the guys at SilphRoad, there's no doubt there will be a mechanic concerning shiny Pokémon in the future. This would make sense since the whole gist of the game is to go out and find Pokémon and would make people play even more in search of this new kinds of shiny alterations. 

Avatar customization could be expanded

The game will also receive a much-needed expansion in the character customization department. Currently, what can be done is rather limited and everything seems to revolve around the Pokémon, which is also very limited as well. Nothing is functioning yet but, in the code, functionality has been added to modify the following attributes:


There's also code suggesting in-app purchases for these categories, so paid pants, hats, shoes etc. should be expected.

Let's hope the updates executing what these lines of code reveal come rather quickly. A lot of people are disappointed at the last update and that may make Niantic work harder towards satisfying gamers, giving us what we really want-- the second generation of Pokémon.

What're your thoughts about these possible updates for Pokemon Go? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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