It is by no surprise that the recently released Final Fantasy XV has become a blockbuster hit with a record-breaking 5 million copies sold on its first day. Its captivating mechanics and gripping story has left people wandering the world of Eos for hours on end.

But those hours of wandering have made people discover some peculiar things that they were not supposed to see. Bugs and glitches that are due to specific events that produced either hilarious, game breaking, or exploitative results.

In this article we've compiled some of the unsettling and noteworthy glitches that exist right now, in-game.

Funny Glitches

Starting with the amusing ones, there seems to be a graphical glitch that happens whenever you zoom in too much in a player model. Which lets you look inside the different assets that they're made of.

What is this?

We can then see here that the game developers outdid themselves. Creating different assets for each of the character's eyes and teeth, but this attention to detail has created some unsettling results.

Another interesting graphical bug that might unsettle you is this glitch found by a Youtuber by the name of blake3one6.

In this glitch, one of the support characters, Gladiolus, out of nowhere, have become translucent as if he'd became a ghost. Though Noctis could still collide with him and give remarks about him, showing that the character is still alive, and it's that Gladiolus only bugged out.

Check out the video below to see this glitch in action:

As if one is not enough, another Youtuber named jeiimuzu found another glitch that also involves Gladiolus.

In here, the whole party is riding their own Chocobos in pursuit for their next quest. When the moment Gladiolus is about to ride his own Chocobo, he started having a fit and rode the Chocobo while standing. Indeed, Gladiolus follows his own set of rules.

Check this video to see him standing in a running Chocobo:

Another interesting glitch that might leave you baffled is this one that occurs while riding the Regalia, the car that you use for traversing the massive world of Eos.

Now, this oddity is due to a menu glitch that currently exists in-game. This occurs whenever you refuel the Regalia and attempt to open the menu as the refuel cutscene starts. Then after that, immediately selecting a new destination to drive to.

Closing our set of amusing glitches, a Youtube channel that goes by the name of NODE. Found that if you're doing a quest too fast, you're bound to see interesting things.

What happened is that they killed a boss fast enough that the extra enemies that supposed to spawn during the fight were not able to spawn. In such, since the game still has to spawn them, it loaded the enemies during the cutscene after the boss kill, producing this amusing and rather epic result.

Not So Funny Ones

Shying away from the amusing ones, the first on this list is a glitch that allows you to immediately regenerate HP and MP, making it infinite.

In a video posted by GamerThatSucks13 on Youtube, he showed how you could recreate this by yourself.

The way you could do this glitch is by first engaging an enemy then proceeding to fill up your Tech Bar. After filling up your Tech Bar, you need to get hit once by that particular enemy. Then, immediately Point-Warp to a particular location and activate one of your support's Tech Ability. Chaining it with a Teleport Strike at the end.

After that, until you reload the game, you have infinite HP and MP.

Here's the glitch performed on video:

Closing this list is a glitch in Final Fantasy XV's enemy AI. A Youtuber by the name of Grizwords has found a way to kill a Level 42 Red Giant with a party of Level 10 characters. He did this by abusing a Line of Sight glitch in the enemy AI.

The way he did this is by fighting a Red Giant around dawn and lured it near a rock that is tall enough to block line of sight. After luring the Red Giant to the area. Grizwords stood on the opposite side of the rock and waited until the sun rose, breaking the AI of the Red Giant. It sent the Red Giant confused and not able to find its enemies, dying to sunlight damage.

Look at this video to see the AI glitch in action:

In Conclusion

The new Final Fantasy game has its own set of unnoticed flaws, ranging from innocent to borderline exploits. But despite that, Final Fantasy XV is still a great game. With its massive, detailed, and immersive world, there are thousands of quests and epic behemoths to fight with. This game is still worth your every single penny.

Just remember not to zoom in too much.

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