RPG gamers will sometimes use bots to compensate for their exhaustion with a game. It allows them to farm without having to constantly interact with whatever they are playing. The gamer community, being the resourceful people they are, have developed bots Niantic's Pokemon Go.

How Bots in Pokemon Go Work

Anything you actively do in Pokemon Go, most bots will do the work for you. Some of these programs have more features than others, but some with few feature may be more reliable. Personally, I've never used a bot, but it will be interesting to see what they can do.

List of Pokemon Go Bots

Now, on to the good stuff. Pokemon Go bots are specially designed to work both with your cellphone and computer. Here is a list of a couple:

1. MyGOBot

On their website, MyGOBot is said to use the most up-to-date technologies. It also ensures compatibility for the forseeable future. This bot can be adjusted to do as much or as little as you want. It can be programmed to do the following:

- Catch Pokemon
- Spin Pokestops
- Incubate eggs
- And many options

There are many settings a user can configure within the bot. It can evolve your Pokemon or transfer duplicates for you. Using the bot for just one hour is said to possibly generate over 50k XP.

2. PokemonGo-Bot

This particular bot is a community-driven project still in development. It shares many of the same features, such as:

- Search Fort (Spin Pokestops)
- Ignore Pokemon (specify breed not to catch)
- Auto Switch Mode

The auto switch mode is pretty ingenious. If a player has their inventory full, the bot will use Pokeballs to catch as many Pokemon as possible, and when capacity is reached, the bot will release the lowest CP creatures.

Additionally, if a certain type of Pokeball is not available, it will use the next available type. You can also program the bot to dispose of items if you have too many with you.

This app can be found at www.github.com

3. Poke Auto

Boasting an Anti-ban feature, Poke Auto seems to be the go-to choice for botting the popular Pokemon Go app. Features of this app include:

- Anti-ban techniques
- Safe auto walking
- Auto evovle
- Auto transfer
- Auto hatch

This bot is said to combine the functionality of the typical Pokemon Go bot with the Anti-ban technology needed to keep user accounts safe.

Final Thoughts

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