When you reach level 5, Pokemon Go allows you to become part of a team to take over Pokemon Gyms. The teams are Mystic, Valor, and Instinct.

Playing Pokemon Go requires you to walk around in various places to catch the Pokemon you want. As you progress, different quests are included in your own profile that will add spice for you to continue playing. Certain levels you gain will hand out bonuses such as free Pokeballs, Potions and more.

But what is best in this augmented reality game, is that you will be in a distinct team once you reach Level 5. Niantic opens up a new door for trainers to choose their own legion as they climb up to become the Pokemon Master. The teams are Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct.

Pokemon Go - Teams:

The developers, however, waited for a few more weeks before they release the face of each gym leader. This supplemented players to shout different reactions according to the team they chose. 

As for the team, you are required to pick one from the three groups. A warning message appears that once you select a team, you will not able to change it anymore. But as the game grows, Niantic decided to give the players a privilege to switch from their current organization.

Steps on How to Change Your Pokemon Go Team:

1. Contact the Niantic Team by accessing the link provided above.

2. Fill up the request form with the right information about your account.

3. In the additional/request area, fill it out by writing that you want to change your current team.

According to The Bit Bag, you must be sure for the team you want to be in to avoid conflicts or issues in the future. Also, Niantic will only consider your request and grant it if the level of your account is still low.

As we wait for Niantic’s plans, we are sure that they will be showing us an epic reason for the team they created for the game. 

Choosing the right team relies on your own Instinct, as you show your Valor in this Mystical world of Pokemon.

Now trainer, did you choose the path you are taking in the future already?

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