Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is one of Square-Enix's hottest mobile games of 2016 and is a freemium game. Meaning, you can play the game without paying money, but if you do, you get special items such as Rare Summons, Ticket Bundles, Metal Cactuar Bundles, and so on.

Recently, one of their limited time bundles: the Silver Chest of Awakening, has stirred up quite a bit of commotion in the FFBE community. Leaving many fans to wonder if Gumi, the game's Global Publisher had set this off to intentionally rip people, or if this was an error in translation or perhaps a glitch in the game.

So far Gumi has done a great job of keeping players engaged and happy by awarding free Rare Summon Tickets and Metal Cactuars x10 for 5 million downloads. Along with other gifts for the Final Fantasy Portal event, plus free daily rewards, you can say that these free items have kept players happy. If so, what's the deal with this Awakening bundle that had everyone so worked up?

FFBE Awakening Bundle Fumble or Rip Off?

Personally, I don't pay to play FFBE, so let's check and see what they are showing in the bundle. 

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Alright, that doesn't really sound like a bad deal or seem odd so far. So let's look into some more details and see what's inside before you buy it.

So the Awakening Bundle will include "7 scared crystals and an assortment of useful items..."

As assortment, just means a variety of useful items. So that can be any items they chose to include in the bundle and so I would hope they would select the hardest items to harvest.

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Sacred Crystals are used in the quite a few awakening so I guess it would be nice to have, but I would need about 30 and there is a limit of only 2 chests per player.

But looking at the banner here and the banner for other chests there are items like Beast Meat, Allure Powder, and so on that should be included but then items like Mystic Ore and Scripture of Time are not in the banner but appear in the bundle. 

Something is a bit off here, but one player was kind enough to buy the bundle to get the bottom of this.

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source: imgur

Thanks, Doge for buying the bundle to find out.

In retrospect, people think these bundle, along with other issues like the game's August daily rewards are nothing compared to the July rewards and other items. Players of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, atleast the majority of core players who talk about it online, expressed dismay:

In the end, the Awakening Bundle was not highly appreciated, and people are starting to express dismay as to how Gumi handles this Brave Exvius fiasco.

In Closing:

Maybe the publisher thought what was in the game was fair. In retrospect, this was a publisher who thought "this" was the best for players, while players thought otherwise. 

The issue was resolved and people had seemed to move on. In addition, Gumi said they will be more keen in communicating with the players from now on. In the end, this is what's important. Hopefully, this issue is over and we can now move on. What do you think?

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