"Is it real that Microsoft and Valve is joining forces to connect their games in Steam and Xbox console?" This is just one of those questions being asked right now in the net from the supporters of these two completely different platforms.

Steam has been out for ages now providing players great features when it comes to social networking, gaming and even saving data through the use of the cloud service. Xbox is 2 years ahead from Steam and got its name so big in the market because Microsoft owns the console.

Earlier this week, the new xbox’s subdomain catches the attention of the fans surprising and giving hint that there is a great possibility for these companies to incorporate in the near future.


According to a japanese blog called jin115, this subdomain has been registered last July 22, 2015. Since then, modifications have been implied and has been updated again yesterday, February 14. This information came from a reliable source, Robtex LTD.

Due to this, lots of rumours are being constructed that anytime this year, games from steam to xbox or vice versa will be available in their corresponding platforms.

If ever that this will happen, there is going to be a huge chance that every game you purchase in Steam will also be playable in the Xbox One Console. If and only if, Steam will grant permission to link their accounts in the Xbox world.

Though this move does not have a confirmation yet, we strongly believe that in the next few days, a story will just show up and circumstantiate what we think about.

Microsoft to Host A Gaming Press Event

This coming 25th, a press event will be held in San Francisco, California for upcoming games on both Xbox One and Windows 10. According to the article, there will be announcements especially for the upcoming game Quantum Break which is exclusive in the Xbox One.

The press event will be held in San Francisco, about three weeks before the 2016 Game Developers Conference is also held in that same city. According to the invite, Microsoft will give the assembled press "the chance to hear from Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and get hands-on with the best games and platform experiences launching this spring on Xbox and Windows 10."

That means we could get hands on time with games like the long-awaited Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, along with the upcoming Windows 10 versions of Killer Instinct and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. It's also possible that Microsoft has some surprises up its sleeve for the event.

Well, the article says what we want to say. It will not be ‘that’ surprising if ever that the company will reveal some notable announcement specifically together with its deal with Valve, owner of Steam.

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