As we reach closer to the end of March, Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is also about to be released soon in Japan. Since its announcement back in April last year, netizens in Japan had been hyping up and making predictions about what we’ll see with the title as news continued to pop.

Today let’s review what Japan thinks about Star Ocean then and now!

Initial Announcement:

With the initial announcement about the game and it being developed by tri-Ace, fans of the series simply freaked out.


“Square Enix is definitely an amazing publisher!”

“Square Enix is really jumping out from their dark age! I wasn’t too hyped after playing 4 but I’ll buy this!”


Compared to many other game’s announcements, the reactions for this title was extremely positive and optimistic.

“This is sell big 100%”

“This is the final war. Final Fantasy, Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean. The next generation is full of awesome JRPGs!”

And fans also noted the fact that the game is exclusive to the two Sony home consoles.

“I’m so glad I bought a PS4!”

“How long are they going to keep making games for the PS3 lol”

“Who will ever purchase a Wii U now?”

“Please put this out on the Vita too”

Reacting to Screenshot and Trailers:

When more screenshots and trailers got released along with the game’s development, the internet had very positive reactions to the quality of the work they saw.