Liberation Maiden (Kaihou Shoujo) was a cool vertical shoot 'em up envisioned by the infamous Suda51 of No More Heroes fame. It is by far the most anime-like title created by him, and it had a good reception in the US when first released for the Nintendo 3DS, and specially when it was released in HD for the iOS. So, why the sequel is a Sony exclusive Visual Novel is anyone's guess...

Nevertheless, this game is actually not bad. In fact, it's really good! An excellent Visual Novel that does not care about dating cute girls! The focus is in a exciting conspiracy plot going around the continuation of the war between New Japan and Dominion.

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You play as a new main character named "Kaidou Kyoto", a childhood friend of the heroine from the original Liberation Maiden. He must investigate the President and her new senators by using an ability somewhat akin to mind reading, where he feels the real intentions hidden into words. You actually control this ability by choosing which word to read, and how you will organize the information you gathered, which will completely change the course of the story. So unlike most Visual Novels, you actually do much more than just pressing the button to read the next dialog!

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The story is really interesting and it takes many unexpected turns. For starters, it doesn't try to be too cute, nor it is merciful with characters just because they look cute. The plot, including its true ending, is very satisfying!

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source: Game-rip

For starters, the sequel still has the great artistic talent of Yuusuke Kozaki as the main illustrator, who made over 100 different drawings to be used during the events, which brings life to the plot!

Unfortunately, since this is a Visual Novel, a good knowledge of the Japanese language is absolutely required in order to enjoy this game. But if you love this genre and can read Japanese this is a great game that you most likely will appreciate!

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