The fighting game entitled Rival Schools made a huge success with its PS1 port, and it's no surprise, since the game ROCKS! (That's why a rock band was formed in its honor).

The main culprit behind this big hit is probably the absurdly fun "evolution" mode, which is a character-creation mode mixed with a Dating Sim. Unfortunately, this mode was exclusive to the Japanese version, and likewise, this sequel to this extra mode (Often referred as Rival Schools 1.5) was also Japan-only, but it's time for you to finally know about its awesomeness!

The fighting game itself is still great! - Fast-paced combat filled with unique characters, long combos and perfect controls. It's one of the TOP 2.5D fighters on the PSOne system, and now you get two new characters: Ran Hibiki from the school's newspaper, and Nagare Namikawa from the swimming club!

But naturally, the biggest new feature in this game is the upgraded Evolution mode. Now you get an extra school that your custom character can attend to: Justice High - the school of the bad guys in the plot! You also get many other new attributes and options to create your character, including new body parts and clubs to join! The flow of this mode is pretty simple: You create your character and spend 1 years of school life in his skin as he gets closer to all the characters in the game. He will make friends, enemies, rivals, and will learn new abilities from them, which will have a strong influence over his move-lists!

You will also get many new mini-games to play during the Dating Sim/Customization mode, but you also can play them separately later in the main menu. There are very funny games among the new ones, including this silly rhythm game!

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source: Game-rip

The story and events in the Dating Sim portion from the Evolution mode was also heavily updated, with new illustrations and more character development, but you will need a good understanding of the Japanese language to understand it. However, I guarantee that all the rest of the game is still very intuitive, so even people with zero Japanese knowledge will be ok!

If you have a passing interest in fighting games, then you must have already heard or played the Rival Schools series. If not, then it is now time to check it out.

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