Ukiyo no Roushi is the 2nd Bakumatsu action game to come out together with Ukiyo no Shishi at the same day. This one is exclusive for the Vita, and while it looks pretty similar, it has many unique mechanics and styles, enough to be considered a completely different game!

Different from its Playstation 3 counter-part, you will be on the role of a characters with its own name, voice, will and backstory. You play as Okita Yoshijirou, nephew to the famous Okita Souji from the Shinsengumi. He has a strong heart that burns for justice, that's why he joins the same group as his uncle, but many odd cases start to appear in Edo, and he will make anything to reach the truth!

Unfortunately, the graphics don't look as good as they were in the PS3 game, but they still look great for a portable system! They use a different texture to every 3D model, which is much less detailed, but it makes the graphics look like oil paintings, which fits the artistic style of the game!

Like the PS3 take on this adventure, paintings also play a big role here, but this time you will use the artistic talents of you protagonist to drawn murder scenes during investigations!

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You will need to make a true detective job in order to uncover the truth behind the series of murders that threat to change the history of Japan, and for that, you will get mechanics that are exclusive to this PS Vita version, such as investigate bodies, follow suspects, stealth invasions, and more!

In therms of combat, nothing was lost in this PS Vita version. You get the same battle system from the Playstation 3 game, with the same weapon classes, skills and combos!

Even though your protagonist has a name and a strong personality this time, you still get the same customization features from the PS3 version!

All in all, Ukiyo no Roushi is a great game that is recommended for anyone hungry for some open-world samurai action! Sadly, it's only available in Japanese and you will need a to understand the language well in order to enjoy this game to its fullest.

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