These year's Steam Winter Sale 2016 is upon us, and while many triple A titles like The Witcher III and Saints Row are on sale, many of the JRPGs available on the platform are also on sale! Let's take a look at some of them!

Tales of Zestiria

2015 12 24 06 07 51 tales of zestiria

source: Bandai Namco

Discount Price: $33.49 (from $49.99 / 33%)

Released just this October 2015 on Steam, this is a game for every Tales fans who have not yet experience Tales of Zestiria in their consoles. What's more - it can run even on Windows Vista and has gamepad support. Gamepad!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

2015 12 24 06 16 04 type 0 hd

source: Square Enix

Discount Price: $14.99 ( from $29.99 / 50%)

With upgraded graphics and improved in-game battle camera, this is hands down the best version of Final Fantasy Type-0 - and you can but it now at 50% the price!

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

2015 12 24 06 26 14 hyperdimension neptunia rebirth1

source: Compile Heart

Discount Price: $8.99 (from $29.99 / 80%)

Hyperdimension Neptunia is like a visual novel X JRPG with some of the most visually appealing characters I have ever seen and the dialogue... oh that dialogue. Other Hyperdimension games are also on sale, but start with this one first!

Fairy Fencer F

2015 12 24 06 30 42 fairy fencer f

source: Compile Heart

Discount Price: $8.99 (from $29.99 / 70%)

Actually, the war between the two titan gods is reminiscent of a certain heavyweight JRPG on Wii by Monolith Soft. And the battle system and many core elements of Fairy Fencer F is reminiscent of that of Hyperdimension Neptunia. So for me, it's like Neptunia X Xenoblade...

(Wait, I think I'm just getting ahead of myself with that statement.)

Final Fantasy VII and VIII

2015 12 24 06 37 45 final fantasy 8

source: Square Enix

Discount Price: FF VII is at $3.99 (67%) while FF VIII is at $4.07 (66%)

If you have not played both of these games yet, then you are missing out a lot on your JRPG school lessons. And you got the nerve to call yourself a JRPG fan without having played Final Fantasy VII or VIII? Please.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

2015 12 24 06 46 09 one piece pirate warriors 3

source: Bandai Namco

Discount Price: $24.99 (from $49.99 / 50%)

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