Whether you're an otome fan or not, you've probably heard (or tried playing) Hatoful Boyfriend, that surprisingly well-received romance dating sim catered towards women, which have birds as male romanceable characters, instead of the typical bishounen guys.

And you probably thought to yourself, "What could be weirder than that?"

Well, I present to you...

Jurassic Heart

You may love Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, or be a big fan of the original Jurassic Park movie, and both are completely normal. Even being a complete dinosaur geek and knowing the scientific names of each kind is all right. But what if you've started fancying a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

In 2013, there is even a series of erotic novels for women featuring velociraptors and other dinosaurs. I mean, whatever floats your boat, right?

So if you have a thing for these prehistoric creatures, or just simply want to try a game that is out of the ordinary, better check Jurassic Heart.

The Game

GPTouch is an indie game studio based in Thailand that collaborates with artists and developers to create award-winning games. Among their creative freelancers is Guts Rodsavas, known as Hima on the Internet.

Hima is the brain behind this T-rex otome visual novel, which he managed to finish in just 48 hours for an event called "The Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Jam", which gave birth to numerous games with bizarre characters in outlandish situations.

[...] according to its co-creator Hima, the game’s success was a complete accident. The idea came from a game design tool called TyranoScript, which inspired them to write a storyline about dating an actual Tyrannosaur.

The Story

In Jurassic Heart, you are an ordinary high school girl who unintentionally startled your T-rex classmate named Taira during music club, so he accidentally dropped his precious ukelele and broke it. To make up for this, you ask him out on a date to a musical instruments shop and offer to pay for his new ukelele.

From there, you'll get to know his sensitive side, as well as the trauma he got back in middle school. If you make the right choices, he might just give you a romantic serenade under the sunset.


While Jurassic Heart is short and also silly, I would hesitate before calling it a true parody because it feels more like a loving homage to the dating simulation genre... albeit one that went a little nuts in the best possible way. [...] what makes Jurassic Heart stand out is both how straight it plays that concept and how genuine the writing is.

Ratty524 on RPG Maker.net gave it 4 out of 5 stars! You can read the full review below.

Would you consider giving it a try? What other weird otome game ideas can you think of?

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