Kingdom Story: Brave Legion is a fun new adventure RPG game for the Android and iOS. With its quirky dialogues and challenging quests, players are in for a whole new experience.

A bit confused as to what to do in game? Here are some of the basic stuff that you need to learn when playing Kingdom Story:

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Updgrade Your Main Officer:

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Upgrading your "Officers" increases their abilities. When an officer reaches +5 upgrades, you can start increasing their ranks. Using an officer with the same rank gives 100% success rates unlike using lower rank officers.

When an upgrade fails, you gain a bonus to the success rate for the next upgrade attempt. However, you can only upgrade an officer for up to 5 times.

Complete Missions:

2016 11 18 13 17 27 kingdom story missions

If you need extra coins or gold ingots, you should complete some missions/quests. Most of them are fairly easy to accomplish and give huge rewards. You also get more missions as you level up. And so, you can't run out of missions.

Recruit in Events:

2016 11 18 13 27 25 kingdom story recruit

Recruiting units is a must. You can use them to level-up, upgrade, and rank-up your other units. You can even add them to your party if you get a higher rank unit.

However, if you want to get best units, you should always recruit in events. These offer units with higher ranks than normal. 

You can recruit units with gold ingots, coins, or officer resumes. Sometimes you can even recruit a unit for free.

Register Titles:

2016 11 18 13 39 34 kingdom story title

Appointing/Registering titles to units is a very cool feature. Each title gives a unique ability, appointing a unit with that title gives them the ability they can use in battle.

You can use the "suggested" button and let the game automatically put your units on the right titles or you can choose for yourself.

Upgrade Your Weapons and Armors:

2016 11 18 13 45 53 kingdom story weaponupgrades

Upgrading your weapon and armor increases your unit's health, attack, and defense. Clicking the icons will show you which quests you can get the materials for your upgrades.

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