Knight Slinger is a fun new mobile app filled with adorable units like baby dragons. It has a "drag and launch" or slingshot gameplay which makes it really simple and easy to play. However, things get a little bit complicated when it comes to resources and strategies. So here's a guide to make it more simple for everyone:

1. Logging In Daily Gives Better Rewards

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Knight Slinger gives every player the chance to receive free items in-game whenever they log-in, so make sure to check out your game at any time of the day to receive these rewards. Remember that the longer your log-in streak is, the better rewards you'll get.

2. Play Your Daily Bingo

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"Daily Bingo" is filled with mini quests that reset everyday. Make sure to check them out and see which ones you can finish. You can receive better rewards if you manage to get a "bingo".

3. Know Your Classes

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Swordsmen: Units that are usually at the front-line. They utilize their wide movement and range to attack more enemies and knocking them back. Evolving them increases their hit count so you can attack more enemies.

Spearmen: Attacks all enemies within their movement range. However, they have low ATK damage. Evolving them increases their movement range, allowing them to reach enemies farther away.
Tankers: Tankers are naturally high in HP. They are one of the best/must-have in every team. They deal huge amounts of damage to multiple enemies that are within their attack range and are tank-y enough to survive lots of attacks. Evolving them increases their attack range and HP.

Magicians/Mages: These units have a slow attack turn so think carefully where you should make them attack. They deal heavy damage to all enemies inside their circular attack range. Evolving them increases the circumference and quantity of their circular attack range.

Archers: They have the fastest attack turn which makes them usually the first one to attack. They deal heavy damage to one enemy. However, they have the lowest HP which is why you should place them behind your team. Evolving them increases the number of arrows which allows them to hit more enemies.

Cannoneers: Just like the archer, their best spot is behind your team. They have unlimited attack range which allows them to target enemies no matter how far they are. They also deal tons of damage to enemies within their blast radius. Evolving them increases their blast radius.

4. Add Friends

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I know that not everyone wants to add random friends in mobile games. But, adding friends in Knight Slinger has its perks. You can bring your friends to your adventure so they can help you with the enemies. The stronger their level, the easier your adventure will be. As they say, the more the merrier.

5. Focus The Boss

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Try to focus the boss as much as you can so you can finish the level easily. If you defeat the boss, the remaining enemies will automatically get defeated too. You'll receive the exp and items from the other enemies too.

6. Check Your Library

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