Learn All The Basics Of Your Favorite Fighter

SFV: Character Introduction Series - Vega

Probably the 1st pretty-boy of fighting games or latest the most memorable, Vega is just 20 different levels of epic.

SFV: Character Introduction Series - Zangief

He can probably be credited with some of the oddest lines in the entire series but that's part of his charm.

SFV: Character Introduction Series - Rashid

For those of you who like Arabian nights with lots of flare and some wild moves.

SFV: Character Introduction Series - F.A.N.G

Can't think of anything I like about this character other than the color of his outfit, but there are some gamers out there who can do some serious damage with him, so he's worth checking out.

SFV: Character Introduction Series - Karin

Love her or hate her, she's here to stay.

SFV: Character Introduction Series - Laura

Sexy and sassy this lady knows how to throw down.

SFV: Necalli Official Character Guide

Feel free to take notes and watch it again. Fighting games take time to learn but once you do, your characters will look so bad ass!

SFV: Nash Official Character Guide

He's got some pretty sweet moves that you can now go unleash on your opponents.

SFV: Cammy Official Character Guide

Those legs, those kicks, that's our Cammy!

SFV: M. Bison Official Character Guide

The most wanted man himself.

SFV: Ken Official Character Guide

I love his new look for SF5.

SFV: Chun-Li Official Character Guide

The 1st lady of fighting games and she's an honorary X-Men too! BIRDY KICK!

SFV: Ryu Official Character Guide

The fist and kicks of passion and virtue of Ryu. By the way Ryu means Dragon in Japanese, a fitting name for such a fierce fighter.

SFV: Character Introduction Series - Birdie

Always hungry and willing to fight if you offer him food.

This really should be part of the game for beginners, but Street Fighter has been around so long that most of its fanbase is not new, however it's really cool that Capcom went back and did this to help gamers learn everything they need to know to become pro-gamers!

Keep practicing and your skills will increase!

Until next time, let's search for "Muscle Fighting Spirit"!

Bonus! Street Fighter V Cosplays to Heat Things Up!

As always be sure to like, share and show some love to these super hot cosplays.

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