Are you a huge fan of the upcoming Inafune indie title, Mighty No.9? Have you ever thought of dressing up like the new Blue Bomber Beck while feeling comfy and warm? This custom-made Mighty No.9 Hoodie might be perfect for you!

Listed on by the shop GetUpApparel, you can now order yourself one of these gray hoodies and your order will be fulfilled by Geovany, the fashion student who owns this cosplay and geek culture inspired hoodie shop.

Taking a closer look at the hoodie, it contains a few of the main details we can find on Beck.

First, we see the chest plate/vents on the front and back of Beck’s body recreated on the jacket.

The venting-pipes looking arms are there too, down to the details of the diamond between each cartilage. It does have 9 cartilages rather than the 5 on Beck’s design, but I’m going to assume that is a design choice to make you look taller and slimmer.

Beck’s signature helmet is his symbol and the hoodie follows it well too. From the goggles-looking like headpiece, to the headphones-looking like dishes on the side, fans of the game will definitely recognize the Mightiness of your hoodie.

Surely a custom order hoodie like this wouldn’t come too cheap. At $300USD each plus shipping, it is quite a pricey jacket, but it is also a super rare item though unofficial. You will also have to patiently wait 6-8 weeks for the order to be made. I wonder if you will receive the hoodie first or the game first…

Youtuber GaijinGoombah is a fan of the hoodie too!

If you wear this hoodie to the midnight launch of Mighty No.9, you will for sure grab the spotlight!...... wait, do people still do that nowadays? Well, you can wear this comfortable hoodie at home the night the game finally comes out then!