In this highly connected, most of us now access the Internet not just on our computers but also with our smartphones and tablets.

Of course for gamers, we access the Internet not just to browse Facebook. Oftentimes we look at gaming websites (such as the one you read right now), cheats, tips and tricks and more for a better gaming experience.

And what could be much better and helpful if we can access game communities right on our smartphones right? Let us check out some of these:


If you have a Steam account for your computer, then the Steam app on iTunes and Android is your way of getting on top of every sale, as well as a way for you to chat with the community.

PlayStation App

Check out your PlayStation notifications, messages, events, and more on your PlayStation App.

RockU Talk

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source: Unicon

The RockU app is a mobile community with specific forums for specific mobile games. Think of it as GameFaqs lite and running completely on mobile. They are partnered with games like Brave Frontier, thus allowing them to run some exclusive promos in those games. (Disclaimer, RockU Talk and Mediacraft are from the same company)


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source: Nintendo

While only available through the browser, Miiverse - Nintendo's own social community lends itself well on the mobile browser - whose only requirement is that you have a current-gen Nintendo system.

GameRaven for GameFaqs

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source: Google Play

Available on Google Play, Game Raven lets you access GameFaq's community section and do message, contribute, etc.

What is your favorite mobile community app?

Video game communities are nothing new. It has existed for so long as there is an Internet.

With the advent of mobile though, the need to access these portals on the go is increasingly becoming a necessity, as such the 5 above were crafted in such a way that the mobile experience is smooth. There might be more examples of these apps so if you know something, please do not hesitate to mention them in Mediacraft's Facebook page!

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