Mobile Legends is a new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game on the likes of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. It was developed by Moonton and released last November 9 of this year. In this article, we're going to see whether Mobile Legends is a worthwhile game to play.

Outside the Game

The controls of the game are different compared to the regular PC MOBA, with a virtual joystick on the left hand side to direct movement and an attack button on the right side surrounded by three ability skills.

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Going to the Profile Menu of the game, it shows a considerable amount of information about the player. This includes the ability to change region and name and to view different statistics, including win rate and certain facets of focus, organized in a chart.

The general game modes that are available in the game right now are:

- Normal Match Mode

- Ranked Match Mode

- One Lane Brawl-type Mode

- Co-op vs. AI Mode

- Custom Match Mode

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It is worth noting that reaching Level 3 unlocks the Brawl-mode, Ranked at Level 6, and Custom at Level 7. With the two game modes, Normal and Co-op vs AI already available after the Tutorial.

Inside the Game

Currently, there are 25 heroes that are playable right now in the game, with most of them available through either in-game credits or real money. These 25 heroes are then categorized into 6 categories:

- Tank

- Fighter

- Assassin

- Mage

- Marksman

- Support

There are emblems that give the players certain boosts with regards to their initial stats. These level up using Physical and Magical Emblems which are dropped as rewards by completing daily events and the In-Game Credits.

There are also items that the player can buy during the game and have their character equip it to increase certain stats. The players are also able to set a certain preset of what items they want to use during the game. Streamlining the process of buying items for their heroes during the actual game.

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source: Mobile Legends

With that in mind, here are my general impressions of the game as I played it for a decent number of hours.

The Good

The controls of the game are well suited and didn't alienate me that much despite having a different control scheme from a regular PC MOBA. With the MOBA mechanics simplified and streamlined and mechanics such as last-hitting and denies not there, it makes the game more focused on the battles between the heroes.

It is a quick paced game, with games ending around 15 minutes. Shorter than the quick paced MOBA, Heroes of the Storm for the PC which clocks around 20 minutes.

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source: Mobile Legends

Heroes are generally balanced, with each heroes being able to easily counter each other in the early stages of the game.

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