For the month of March, Square Enix has rolled out two new jobs in Mobius Final Fantasy for their monthly card lineup: Rogue for the Ranger class in Batch 1, and Berserker for the warrior class in Batch 2.

However, are they good enough to be a part of your overall job collection? Let's first take a look at Rogue, with an analysis based on his stats breakdown.

Ranger Class: Rogue (Attacker)

The first new job that takes the world of Palamecia by storm for the month of March is Rogue, a ranger class that embodies the spirit of the wolf just like his very appearance.

Here is an overview of Rogue:

Rogue's Ultimate, Shadowfang, is a single-target ability that inflicts Stun and Debarrier on his enemy while receiving Haste for himself. Below is a breakdown of Shadowfang's stats:

- ATK: 1000
- BRK: 1000
- CRT: ★1

Unlocking both 1st and 2nd Skill Panels will bestow the following list of auto-abilities to Rogue:

- Pinch Buffs: Boost, Haste, Snipe
- Drive Heals: Fire +2%, Earth +2%, Light +2%
- Element Ups: Fire +100%, Earth +100%, Light +100%
- Element Starter +16
- Break Turn Up +4
- Critical Damage Up +50%

Stat Breakdown By Panels

Overall Stats



1) High Stability. Rogue has a higher overall damage rate than the likes of the Thief job, and enough MAG stat to match with those in the Mage class. With his high MAG, he's able to increase the firepower of ability cards when you use them against your enemies. Adding to his high base HP pool, he is no doubt one of the most stable jobs among others in the Global version so far.

2) Three Types of Element Up at 100%. He has not one but three elemental boosts - Fire, Earth and Light - that can help to further multiply the damage points when you use them to exploit elemental weaknesses. He is a good choice against Sicarius of Water, Wind and Dark elements.

3) Excellent Ultimate Status Combos. His Ultimate gives Haste (increases actions per turn) to himself while inducing Stun (stops opponent) and Debarrier (decreases defense) on his enemy. Executing his Ultimate at the right time can maximize the potential of this status combination. It also has a high Break Power - you can consider having him in your team in Multiplayer Mode, to help you clear the red gauge of the Sicarius quickly.


1) Low Sustainability. Unfortunately, Rogue has zero defense stat, which makes him vulnerable if he gets attacked by your enemies. Also, in exchange for high elemental attack power he has no elemental defense; even with his high HP stat, he's unable to sustain for long against multiple attacks.

One way to curb this is to make sure you equip him with support cards that help to increase his defense, such as those that bestows Barrier or Wall (absorbs damage). Another type of support cards would be those that replenish his HP periodically; for example, Cure, HP Drain, or HP Regen.

2) Not Player Friendly. Rogue relies heavily on good strategies and executing his attacks at the right time to truly bring out the high magical firepower and Ultimate status combo well. If you're one of those players who mainly depend on Auto Mode or the type who would rather speed through with hack-and-slash than thinking of tactics, this job isn't suitable for the more casual play styles.

In Closing

With Rogue's high magical prowess for a ranger class, you can now further increase your damage output on top of the high critical rate that comes with his base job type. He also has a good Break Power even if his role is an Attacker in Multiplayer Mode.

While he certainly has a high firepower, you still need to strategize and plan your attacks wisely to cover up the big hole in his lack of defense, and then you'll be able to fully utilize his true potential. Otherwise, you are going to have a hard time using the Rogue job well, or you probably have little to no use for him when there are better jobs to choose from.

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