All the monsters you've defeated are brewing a massive hatred. This loathing has summoned a frightening creature and opened the fourth ranking event "Karma Season". You will meet face to face with Tonberry. His shiny bald head and his dubious knife are going to strike you down and bring one home for the monsters!

Mobius: Final Fantasy is a mobile RPG by Square Enix. Its graphics can match console games and is patented with the signature Final Fantasy story line that enthralled RPG gamers worldwide.

This event is going to start on November 24, 7:00PM UTC to December 2, 6:59PM UTC.

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Mobius: Final Fantasy Karma Season Guide:

You can join the Battle Tower Event - Karma Season by selecting it on the world map.

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You will be starting at the base of the tower and you have to work your way up. Expect to face a water element Tonberry or Tonberry King at the end of every battle chain on each level. It is recommended to equip your deck with the best water element resistance.

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As you go through each level and higher in the tower, your opponents will give you a rough time. Don't be discouraged though as your Player Ranking is going to be based on the number of monsters you defeated. Mobius: Final Fantasy will be giving away great prizes on players who have the highest rank. In cases of a tie, the one with the higher battle score will win the top prize.

Mobius: Final Fantasy Karma Season Rewards

You will be getting two types of rewards on this event. Area Rewards are the goodies you will get while playing on the Battle Tower. Ranking Rewards are the prizes you'll have based on the number of bosses you defeated versus other Players.

Mobius: Final Fantasy Karma Season Area Rewards:

There will be a Treasure Chest on every 5th level on the Battle Tower. A Summon Ticket will be given away when you reach the top. A total of 25,000 of each skill seeds is going to be acquired once you finished level 50. An Ability Ticket is going to be yours every time you clear the Phantasmic Coil that is beyond the top level.


Level 5 - 1 Phoenix Down

Level 10 - 500 fire, water, wind & earth skillseeds

Level 15 - 1 Ability Ticket, 1 Elixir

Level 20 - 2,000 fire, water, wind & earth skillseeds

Level 25 - 2 Ability Tickets, 1 Crystal

Level 30 - 5,000 fire, water, wind & earth skillseeds

Level 35 - 2 Ability Tickets, 1 Crystal

Level 40 - 7,500 fire, water, wind & earth skillseeds

Level 45 - 2 Ability Tickets, 2 Crystals

Level 50 - 1 Summon Ticket, 3 Crystals, 10,000 fire, water, wind & earth skillseeds

Mobius: Final Fantasy Karma Season Ranking Rewards:

1st to 500th - 50 Ability Tickets, 1 Lucky Egg 4★, 10 Crystals

501st to 1,000th - 30 Ability Tickets, 10 Crystals

1,001st to 3,000th - 15 Ability Tickets, 5 Crystals

3,001st to 10,000th - 9 Ability Tickets, 3 Crystals

10,001st and below - 3 Ability Tickets, 2 Crystals

You will receive the Ranking Rewards after the event has finished.

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This Lucky Egg 4★ will be given away to the top 500 Ranking Players. Although it can not be used during battles, it has the auto-ability - Gil-Up and Crystal Seeker. This will help you earn more Gils and Crystals during battles. 

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No need to worry if you're not on the top 500 Player Ranking. On this tower, you will get two Mage water ability cardsBlizzara Tonberry and the Blizzaga Tonberry can be yours. 

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