Card Augmentation is one of those hit-and-miss things if you don't have the knowledge of which Abilities will give you an advantage in the battlefield when their rarity is changed. You might end up wasting ingredients and Magicites on cards that will turn out to be useless. In order to not make that mistake, we are providing you with a list of Abilities that are worth augmenting.

Note: Many of these cards are not yet available in the Global version. However, this will serve as a good reference for those who would like to save up their Augmentation materials and Magicites for the best.

Source: The information listed below have been directly translated from Altema's Mobius Wiki.

Card Augmentation Mechanics

Card Augmentation, or "Class Change" in the Japanese server, becomes available upon completion of Chapter 1: Blank Slate. This allows you to raise the rarity of a card, consequently increasing its Ability's effectiveness. Cards with 1 or 2 stars have the prefix "Lesser" in their Ability Name, for example, "Lesser Barrier" for a 1- or 2-star Fat Chocobo. These can be augmented into 3-star cards, removing the word "Lesser".

Originally, cards should be maxed out before they can be augmented. However, in the Global version of the game, this rule has been dropped, although the ingredients and Magicite requirements still remain. Augmentation materials can be acquired from bosses such as the "Cursed Feather" from Cockatrice.

Recommended Cards to Augment from 3-star to 4-star

While we highly recommend augmenting all your Lesser Ability cards to 3-star, changing 3-star cards to 4-star requires Glowstars which are extremely rare. Because of this, you may want to carefully consider which Ability Cards to spend these uncommon Glowstars on.

SS Rank

Card Type: Support
Ability Name: Haste
Element Orb Cost: 2 Heart orbs

The Undying: FFXII
Card Type: Support
Ability Name: Haste
Element Orb Cost: 2 Heart orbs

Both cards are of the Haste type, which increases the number of actions per turn. This Support ability is quite effective in every kind of battle, be it a main story quest, an event dungeon, or even in the Multiplayer mode.

Since the maximum number of actions that these cards can give you is 12, you will be supplied with a considerable great amount of element orbs for your disposal.

In the case of "The Undying", apart from Heist, it also has the Snipe Ability which increases your Critical rate. Additionally, it has the Drain ability which lets you recover half of the damage you inflict upon your enemy using either normal attacks or Ultimates as HP.

S Rank

Knights of the Round
Card Type: Support
Ability Name: Ultimate Hyper (Brave+Boost+Faith)
Element Orb Cost: 4 Heart orbs (3-star), 3 Heart orbs (4-star)

Boasting three different Support Abilities, this card significantly increases the three most important kinds of attacks: Normal attack strength, Break Power, and Magic attack strength. You'll find this quite helpful in any situation, even in Full Auto mode.

Card Type: Warrior Class; Fire Element
Ability Name: Flame Magnum
Element Orb Cost: 5 Fire orbs (3-star), 4 Fire orbs (4-star)

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