Many other mobile RPGs have a feature similar to Mobius: Final Fantasy's Card Fusion. However, in most games of the same genre, it's pretty simple and straightforward--fuse your base card with one or more cards in order to strengthen it. In the case of this brand new Final Fantasy title, there are three possible results in fusing one Ability Card with another. Read on to find out more about it.

Card Fusion Basics

These are the three aspects to keep in mind when fusing cards.

1. Card Level - Aside from using them in battle to gain card EXP, the Ability Card's level also increases via Card Fusion.
2. Skill Seed - Increase the number of skill seeds generated by each card at the end of every battle by fusing them.
3. Ability Level - Raising this makes the card's Ability more effective.

Remember that each fusion attempt costs a certain amount of Gil, so make sure you never run out of this currency.

Increasing Card Level

You may use any card to increase your base card's level, but most ordinary cards only give 50-250 EXP. Keep in mind that the level cap of each card increases based on its rarity every time you clear a chapter.

Unlocking Skill Seeds

Each card generates a number of skill seeds after every battle. These skill seeds are not necessary of the same element as the Ability Card. For instance, a Wind-element card may generate both Wind and Earth skill seeds.

All cards start with a set of +1 skill seeds. Take a look at the image below.

As you unlock them through fusion, the card will generate an additional number of seeds. In the image below, the +1s have become +7s, for a total of 35 Wind skills seeds and 21 Earth skill seeds earned.

Unlocking skill seeds is possible by fusing your base card with any card of the same element. The chance of success is written on every card when you are in the "Select Mode" screen.

Increasing Ability Level

Each Ability card's maximum Ability Level is different depending on the card's rarity. In order to raise its Ability Level ensuring its effectiveness in battles, the base card must be fused with a card bearing the same Ability. For instance, to increase the Ability Level of Fat Chocobo, you can only fuse it with any other card that has the "Barrier" Ability, such as other Chocobo cards or Dust Bandit cards.

Be sure to always check each ingredient card's success rate.

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