A month has not even passed after the highly-anticipated Mobius FF was released worldwide, yet there are already a big bunch of cheaters who have climbed to the top of the Weekly Rankings. Have you seen that guy who has over 16 million points? He certainly did not get that through unadulterated, super-duper-ultra-mega-high-skilled gameplay with only his "legendary-powerful" deck and quick-thinking--he's definitely using a third-party software!

Spreading the Word

We here at Mediacraft despise cheating and anything done in ill will, but here's the funny part: when you look it up on Google, you'll be bombarded with links to YouTube videos and hack/cheat sites where you can download the software. Some of them are clickbait, while many others are not.

What made me laugh is that these people who developed the apps will do anything to advertise their product. There's a "tutorial video" on how to get the app narrated by some guy who takes unnecessarily long pauses every after a step. There's even someone who posted on Wattpad--a site devoted to literary creativity--about his software, claiming that it is "safe" and in an "encrypted connection".

How Cheats Work

These hack/cheat applications chiefly provide two things: unlimited Magicites (which is the most important currency/item in the game) and impossibly high damage (essential in attaining high scores to farm skill seeds).

Moreover, some of these softwares allow players to instantly Break enemies, prevent opponents from attacking (player never runs out of turns), and remove Abilities cooldown.

Square Enix Takes Action

Yesterday, the Mobius: Final Fantasy Global Team posted this on the game's official Facebook page.

Most of the comments are positive--praising and thanking the team for being swift to notice the illegitimate acts and implement strict measures to punish offenders and dissuade others who might be tempted to follow their footsteps.

Yes, please do so. It is really so unfair for us legit gamers. We enjoy the game while others are taking advantage of it, cheaters must be banned including their device and ip address

It's fine to cheat and hack in a single player game all you want, but when you're playing a game online with others, don't be a cheating douche. Learn to get some skills. Thank you devs.

Thank God you guys implement this. I was gonna quit the game. So many cheaters. 145 Adamanterrapin? Yeah right. Please handle this on the USA side. I'm not pleased. I will not spend money until it's addressed.

However, there are also those who complain that cheaters will never cease to exist, and others who can't seem to be contented with the fact that the developers are taking action.

FIX YOUR GAME! Yes, you guys banned some cheaters couple hours ago, but now there are more cheaters, it's easy to get another account and keep cheating, this is disgusting, and I want my money back

Come on you got alot more to ban so I can get my proper ranking please


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