Mobius: Final Fantasy is a mobile RPG with superb graphics. It can match console games available in the market. As a free-to-play freemium game, a lot of Final Fantasy fans are hooked on playing it nonstop. Players just need a stable wifi, a good battery, and a running Android and iOS device.

This time, Mobius: Final Fantasy is still into Final Fantasy Type-0. An event will be opened tomorrow November 17, 7:00pm UTC to December 14, 6:59pm UTC. Players will get a chance to have a Moglin: FF Type-0 plus additional rewards once completed.

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Mobius: Final Fantasy Collective Limit Break Guide

Players can participate on the event by selecting Collective Limit Break on the world map.

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Players will then be directed to three areas: Ranger's Clash: Earth, Warrior's Clash: Water, Mage's Clash: Fire. These areas represent one from each job type and the boss you're going to face at the end.

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An additional bonus is given if your job matches the area. Your deck level will greatly increase but make sure you are amply prepared.

Mobius: Final Fantasy Abyssan

The leaders of this Chaos legions are called Abyssans. Their job type will depend on the area. The reward you will get after defeating an Abyssan is a Key Item. The Key Item you will receive will depend on the Abyssan's job type.

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Bear in mind that the more you advance, the more difficult it will be. You will receive more Key Items for your trouble.

Collect these Key Items because it will help you unlock another region. This region is the sacred mountain of Moogles called Olympos.

Mobius: Final Fantasy Olympos

Unlocking Olympos needs everybody's participation. It can be unlocked after the total number of Key Items have been collected on each goal by ALL participants.

*Mobius: Final Fantasy team will calculate it among players of the same region.

*It can also depend on their server, thus the unlock will happen at different times between players.

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Upon reaching and conquering the summit of Olympos, you will be rewarded with great rewards and the exclusive Moglin: FF Type-0 from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

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Mobius: Final Fantasy Hanging Treasuries

On the depths of Olympos, there will be three more areas called Hanging Treasuries. Just like the Olympos, Key Items collected from all participants are needed in order to unlock it. This time, the number of Key Items required are more staggering.

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