Get to know what's coming this December on Mobius: Final Fantasy! Do you need to save your Summon Tickets? Free a rest day to do mega grinding? December is the month of giving, check out what Mobius: Final Fantasy has lined up this holiday season.

Mobius: Final Fantasy created a new breed of RPG gaming on mobile, luring the players with its super sleek graphics, signature Final Fantasy story line, and a chance to re-live jobs from past and present Final Fantasy games.

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December 7

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The second installment and the climax of the endless war and the princess story. It will be the start of the fight against the forces of Chaos. Are you ready?

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Together with the Chaos and the Crown Part 2, Mobius is also giving away new Ability Cards. These new Ability Cards is going to make the Warriors of Light formidable. Aside from Ability Cards, they will also release "Critical Resist‒lowering" cards.

If you got lucky and got one, equip them right away and gain massive battle advantage. 

December 8

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Another 8 in the date and that means it is Mobius Day! Double stamina for Elixirs, 20% increase on your fusions, and the chance of getting extra skills is bigger. 5,000 fire and water skillseeds will also be given away.

December 14

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Farming time! Get those most needed skillseeds fast. The Gigantuar Terrace is going to be here this December to help you upgrade your cards.

December 15

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Dissidia Final Fantasy is going to visit the Mobius: Final Fantasy world. They are going to share a new Legend Job - Mystic Sage to deserving players. This even will run December 15 to January 1, 5:59PM UTC.

December 18

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Since there's an 8 on the date, it's Mobius Day!

Aside from the typical double stamina from elixirs, 20% more fusion success rates, etc, they are giving away 5,000 earth and wind skillseeds.

December 21

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Pleiades Lagoon is here to help you enhance and improve your Ability Cards. The great thing about this Mysterious Paradise is it's going to bring a different set of materials every week!

December 28

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Another number 8 in the month so, it's Mobius Day!

Your usual bonuses plus a 5,000 light and dark skillseeds.

December 29

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Welcome the new year with a brand new Battle Tower! Ultros Ultimatum features Ultros, the unrivalled octopus.

We will give you Ultros Ultimatum Battle Tower Guide as soon as we can!

Are you geared up this month? Looks like it is going to rain skillseeds and materials needed to upgrade ability cards this holiday season. No reason for you to frown at the start of 2017! Let us just hope that the Dissidia Final Fantasy event will not require purchases just like that Ace Striker job.

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