Elemental orbs in Mobius: Final Fantasy are randomly generated every time you attack an opponent. Because of its nature, you may find yourself caught in a bind when the situation you're in necessitates the use of, let's say, a Fire Ability, but you don't have enough Fire orbs to do so.

This beginner-oriented Mobius Final Fantasy guide discusses everything about elemental orbs, from the ways to generate them, to using them wisely.

Note: The following information has been directly translated from GameWith's Mobius Wiki on elemental orbs with some notes from Mediacraft.

Elemental Orb Generation Basics

Although elemental orbs are produced mainly by attacking, there are other ways to do so. Remembering these methods lets you go through each battle more smoothly.

1. Earn elemental orbs by continuously attacking

Whenever you strike a blow or use your Ultimate, orbs of different elements are drawn. The number of orbs gained differs depending on the number of actions you take in one turn, and it increases as you attack continuously.

1st action - 1 random orb
2nd action - 2 random orbs
3rd action - 3 random orbs
After Breaking (regardless of action count) - 3 random orbs

Keep in mind that the continuity count is disrupted when you spend your action on something other than norml attacks or Ultimate. In short, if you use your Element Drive or deployed an Ability, your continuity count reverts to zero.

If you're aiming to produce as much elemental orbs as possible, perform normal attacks three times for greater efficiency.

2. Draw 7 elemental orbs by using your Ultimate

All Jobs produce 7 random elemental orbs once their corresponding Ultimate is activated. On the other hand, Dragon Knight, Scholar, and Dancer Jobs are capable of drawing 1 orb of each element (1 for Fire, 1 for Water, and so on), including Light, Dark, and Heart/Life orbs. Because of this, not only will you manage to inflict great damage upon your enemy, you will also have an orb for HP recovery at your disposal if you're playing as one of the three Jobs.

3. Increase the number of orbs generated via Extra Skills

[Extra Skills] are additional skills a card can gain which offer useful perks like increasing the amount of damage the card can do to an enemy that’s weak against its element, or being able to use a skill again without waiting for a cooldown to clear. A card’s Extra Skills appear as small icons underneath a skill’s description.

Below are the Extra Skills that are useful for elemental orb generation. Consider yourself lucky if the at least one Ability Card in your deck has one of these!

1. Element Rise - This Extra Skill is offered mainly by Warrior Class Abilities. When you attack, an additional 1 orb is gained.

2. Element Return - This can often be seen in Mage Class Ability Cards. It has a 50% chance of drawing an orb of the same element as the previous one.

3. Lucky Element - Many Ranger Class Abilities have this Extra Skill. Every time you inflict a Critical attack, you gain two elemental orbs.

4. Element Support - This one is mostly found in Abilities that alters the element of orbs. For every time you use an Ability, 2 orbs with the same element as the Ability will be generated.

4. Equip weapons that provide elemental orb bonuses

The weapons of Samurai, Red Mage, and Assassin Jobs produce an additional elemental orb on your third action per turn.

Controlling Elemental Orb Production

You can control the elemental orbs drawn through the Element Drive, albeit for a few turns only. Also, there is no way for you to forcibly produce Heart/Life orbs. However, you might want to refer to the following steps on how to utilise the Element Drive skilfully.

1. Check the Element Drive

As you can see in the above image, the Element Drive is equally divided into three colours which correspond to the elements that can be used by your chosen Job. This means that you are in a normal state where all three elements have an equal chance of being drawn.

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