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You took a break and ready for another Mobius Final Fantasy action but then you get a pop up saying Error Code 29!

Truly heartbreaking. But don't worry, fixing that error on iOS devices is easy as pie. Follow the steps and continue playing!

Step 1. Settings

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Go to your phone's Settings.

It is easy to find. If you don't know where it is because of all the app icons on your device, feel free to use the Search bar by tapping your device's screen and scrolling it down. Type Settings and it will be on the top of the list!

Step 2. Game Center

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Once you are already on the Settings page, scroll down. Just before you get to your list of apps, you will see Game Center which is usually after Podcasts. Tap on it.

Step 3. Apple ID

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After you tap Game Center, you will be directed to this page. Tap on your Apple ID for you to be able to sign out. Don't worry, you will not lose your games.

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Tap on Sign Out and relaunch the game! Tadaah! Problem solved. Everything is fine. Go back in the Mobius Final Fantasy world!

NOTE: Screenshots are from an iOS 10.0.1 device. It may vary depending on your iOS version. Let us know if you still have a problem and let's both check if we can work it out!

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