Get ready to test your luck as Final Fantasy Type-0 Legend Cards are here for summoning for a limited time. Available from November 8, 7:00pm UTC until November 23, 6:59pm UTC.

Given that the graphics and storyline for Mobius: Final Fantasy is already superb, they don't get complacent and always give us something new. These 14 cadets for "Agito" are here to lend their powers to you.

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Mobius: Final Fantasy FF Type-0 Fast Learner Cards

This is going to be the introduction of the first 5★ Fast Learner support card in the game. Other Fast Learner cards can be unlocked as well with Damage Limit Break extra skill if you're lucky enough. These cards can not be augmented and are already at their max Ability Level. 

5★ Fast Learner Card - Machina & Rem: FF Type-0

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Ability: Agito's Bond
Barrier + Drain: Increases Defense + attacks and Ultimates restore HP

The great thing about Barrier + Drain is its ability to attack and restore all HP when you use an Ultimate aside from increasing Defense.

4★ Fast Learner Cards

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Seven: FF Type-0

Ability: Elementalash
Ranger ability: Single-target fire attack + Bio (poison)

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Eight: FF Type-0

Ability: Last Stand
Warrior ability: Single-target water attack + Berserk (enraged warrior)

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King: FF Type-0

Ability: Double Blizzara BOM
Mage ability: Cone water attack (multistrike)

The three 4★ Final Fantasy Type-0 cards that you can unlock are equipped with an attack specialization, Damage Limit Break. Their stat changes can definitely change the game anytime.

3★ Fast Learner Cards

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Ace: FF Type-0

Ability: Short Stop
Ranger ability: Single-target earth attack + Stun (prevents action)

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