After a successful Final Fantasy Type-0 HD visit in the world of Mobius: Final Fantasy, they invited a new visitor. We are going to welcome Final Fantasy X on our mobile phones on November 24, 7:00PM UTC to December 6, 6:59PM UTC. 

Mobius: Final Fantasy is a mobile RPG by Square Enix. They bring to provide awesome graphics mixed in with a signature Final Fantasy storyline. They captivate players by hooking up with other Final Fantasy games such as Final Fantasy 10 on this event.

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Mobius: Final Fantasy FFX Legend Cards

The new Mobius: Final Fantasy Legend Cards will feature the Ace Striker and the charming Gullwings members.

Legend Job Ace Striker

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This new job Ace Striker is going to be available on November 24, 7:00PM UTC to December 6, 6:59PM UTC. It can be unlocked by everyone who purchases 12,000 or more magicite during the event period.

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Ace Striker

Job Type: Warrior
Multiplayer Role:Attacker
Ultimate: Blitz Ace
Single-target + area attack. A lightning-fast attack chain designed to score the flashiest goal.

The new Warrior Job Ace Striker is going to be a feat. All skills on panel 1 are unlocked. The Ace Striker has a good balance of attack and defense. And if you already unlocked Mage Lore, it can handle mage abilities and warrior abilities! Its ultimate - Blitz Ace gives a huge damage plus it provides Haste.

What is an Ace Striker without a Blitz Ball? They are giving it away too. 

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Legend Cards

These alluring members of the Gullwings are going to be the 4★ Fast Learner Legend Cards on this event. If you do a Greater Card Summon or a 4★ Boosted Summon ,you will receive one additional card. You won't receive two of the same cards until you get all four of them. And once you collected all four, you will get a summon card plus a 3★ batch.

Yuna: FFX-2
Ability: Showtime!
Mage ability: Cone water attack + Debrave (lowers Attack).

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Rikku: FFX-2
Ability: Hu Sujehk!
Ranger ability: Cone wind attack + Stun (prevents action).

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Paine: FFX-2
Ability: Here comes the hurt.
Warrior ability: Cone fire attack + Debarier (lowers Defense).

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Ability: YRP, Ready!
Brave + Snipe + Haste: Increases Attack, Crit Chance and actions per turn.

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