Mobius: Final Fantasy is dubbed as a "freemium" game, which means that even though players do not need to purchase the app, those who would like to progress through its story faster and be among the strongest may feel the need to spend money on tickets and upgrade materials.

The Mobius Gift Box claims to be a great deal since it has numerous items in it at a low price of 3,000 Magicites. The downside is it can only be bought once every 30 days. Let us attempt to break it down and find out if it is really worth it.

Changes in Contents

Though the aforementioned commodity has been available in the Global server since its release on 3rd August, changes have been made in terms of contents and their quantities on 8th August. According to the game's official Facebook page, the changes were made "in order to make more players accept the new feature of the Mobius Gift Box" as many have noticed that the Global version costs double the price of the Japanese version which is sold for 1,500 Magicites.

Another reason for the difference in prices is that the Global server has a Job Summon feature that the JP version doesn't. Consequently, Summon Tickets and Magicites are more difficult to earn in the English version.

Below are the changes made to the contents of the Mobius Gift Box.

Ability Ticket x 12 -> Ability Ticket x 20
Elixir x 2 -> Elixir x 5
Phoenix Down x 2 -> Phoenix Down x 5
Crystals x 3 -> Crystals x 5
(New item) -> Spirit Ticket x 1
(New item) -> Extranger x 1
(New item) -> Mog Amulet x 1

Only the quantities of Summon Tickets (x6) and Growstar (x1) have been left unchanged.

Those who have purchased the gift box are also to receive the new items and additional quantities of the old ones.

Is it worth it?

First, let us determine how long it will take to earn the number of Magicites necessary to buy the gift box without spending real-life money nor using any of the "hacks" you can find online. The Magicite Distiller gives 1 Magicite per 10 minutes. However, it can only hold a maximum of 100 Magicites, so if you never let it hit its maximum capacity, you can earn 144 Magicites a day. Provided you do not spend them on Summons or purchasing Phoenix Downs, you will end up with 2016 Magicites in two weeks. Magicites earned through the Distiller expire in 14 days. Fortunately, you already have 1,100 Magicites given to you when you first start the game. This means that it will take you two weeks to save enough for the Mobius Gift Box.

If you would rather spend money than wait for two weeks, you can get 6,000 Magicites for 36 dollars.

Personally, I don't think the Mobius Gift Box is worth every penny. Ability Tickets and Crystals are obtained as you progress through the story, while Elixirs and Phoenix Downs will be sent to you upon completion of Daily Missions, and as Daily Log-in Bonuses. If you're like me, who's prone to dying when faced with bosses, and you've run out of Phoenix Downs, you can buy them for 100 Magicites each in the Item Shop.

User Comments

I honestly don't think it needed to be changed, especially with your update making magicite entirely free if we just wait for it. You guys are listening to absolutely everything the community is saying, and I love it, though. Really appreciate it, keep it up, this has to be some of the best public relations stuff I've ever seen from a game ^-^ Really appreciate it.

Really really pay to win:)) sucks game

Excellent change! And it's great that the new items will be sent to past buyers. The response to player feedback in the last week has been fantastic.

Don't think the Magicite Distiller should have been justification for the price increase for the Mobius Gift Box considering it had less Ability Tickets than the Japanese one. Glad to see this revision though.

Would you purchase the Mobius Gift Box?

As shown above, most players are praising Square Enix Global's immediate response to their claims. On the other hand, some are still unhappy about the changes in the gift box's contents. In the end, the decision is up to you. If you really are bent on getting the top spot in the Weekly Rankings, then perhaps the Mobius Gift Box is for you. But if you prefer to enjoy the game in your own pace, then you'll probably be better off just collecting consumables through Mobius: Final Fantasy's many in-game rewards.

How many of you have purchased the said commodity? What are your thoughts on it? Don't get let behind and join in the fun in RockU Talk forums!

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