It has been mentioned many times that Mobius: Final Fantasy is a perfect fit for people on tight schedules because most battles are short, and you can even let the AI do all the work using the Full Auto mode. But among those who prefer a more hands-on experience, some may feel like the game is too easy. One can even breeze through the first two chapters in two days or less.

If you are the kind whose dogma is "The harder, the better", then you should definitely try playing on Hard Mode. Even those of you who don't like to challenge yourselves might give it a go once you find out more about it.

How to Activate Hard Mode in Mobius: Final Fantasy

Before discussing the "why", let's talk about the "how" first. A lot of newbies aren't even aware that you can change the game's difficulty anytime--and that it's quite easy to do so!

1. Tap on the ETC panel.
2. Choose "Config".
3. Under "Difficulty", slide the bar to "Hard".

If for some reason you still cannot figure it out, this video might help you.

Why Should You Play on Hard Mode?

In this difficulty, monsters do not die easily. Because of this, it will take you longer to defeat them, allowing you to deal more overall damage. The amount of total damage dealt in all battles in each node is directly proportional to the score you'll receive. Finally, your score determines the number of skill seeds acquired.

Simply put: stronger monsters = more damage dealt = higher score = higher skill seed multiplier

As you know, skill seeds are necessary for unlocking panels to both strengthen your current Job and change into a new one.

Aside from this, there is a chance that you'll get more Ability Cards and loots than you normally do.

Should New Players Try It Out?

Due to the above reasons, beginners may be tempted to play on Hard from the very start. A post on Reddit tackles this.

Mobius: Final Fantasy player snipertaco wonders if it's really a good idea to play on the above mentioned difficulty even as a newbie, since there's a higher risk of dying in battles and wasting Phoenix Downs, especially when fighting the first chapter's main boss, Cockatrice. He asks if it's wiser to switch back to Normal just until he finishes Chapter 2, then change to Hard again for grinding purposes.

As shown in the comments above, the opinions on this matter is mixed. Some prefer Hard Mode all throughout their playthrough for the sake of fast progress, while others think it's best to try it once, but if things are getting out of hand, switch back to Normal and finish the available chapters first before grinding on Hard.

Auto on Hard

If you agree with the latter, then here's a grinding guide for you.

Once you've completed Chapter 2, go to Temple Sanctum's Sanctum 2Lv, which, according to the video below, is the best place to farm skill seeds on Auto. This requires that you play as a Knight, equip the Brotherhood weapon, have a Gigant card on your deck, and rent a Healing card from other players.

Believe it or not, even when you're too lazy or busy to pay attention to the game, you can get a score of 500,000!

How Hard Can You Go?

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