Mobius: Final Fantasy is an RPG game for mobile by Square Enix. With its superior graphics that can match console games, it is no wonder it thrilled RPG mobile gamers worldwide.

Hashmal is the newest Sicarus in the game. He is of Earth Attribute on his 1★ and 2★ stage and fire and earth on his 3★ stage.

In this article, we will teach you how to defeat Hashmal. Aside from giving you Hashmal's stats, we will also share what is the best job and deck to use.

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Mobius: Final Fantasy Hashmal Guide

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You can get to face 1★ Hashmal of Wilderness, 2★ Hashmal the Bedrock, and 3★ Hashmal the Plainswalker. 

1★ Hashmal of Wilderness:

You will be needing 10 Stamina on this 1 stage fight. The time limit is just 30 minutes and you will get Hashmal's Nail as your first reward.

2★ Hashmal the Bedrock:

The Stamina cost is 20 and is also a 1 stage fight. Same 30 minutes time limit but you will get Hashmal's Armor and Hashmal's Nail as loots.

3★ Hashmal the Plainswalker:

30 Stamina is required for this 1 stage duel. You only have 30 minutes to defeat this 3★ monster. A *Crystal StoneHashmal's Nail, and Hashmal's Armor will be given for your hard effort. *(You will get the Crystal Stone if you defeated both of his guardians.)

Mobius: Final Fantasy - How To Defeat Hashmal

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These are Hashmal's Behavior Pattern:

Attack has the effect of a Physical Damage.
*Rock You can also do Physical Damage.
Stonega will have an Earth Attribute Damage.
Sandstorm happens usually after break and is an Earth Attribute Damage.
The Earth Trembles This is in preparation for his Wrath of the Earth.
Wrath of the Earth is a big Earth Attribute Damage.

*(From JP server)

We will also give you his Guardians' Behavior Pattern.

1st Guardian: An attacker with Earth attributes.

Stone - An attack of magic that deals an Earth Attribute Damage.
Stonega - Same as the Stone. It also deals an Earth Attribute Damage.
Defaith - It will reduce your Magic.
Slow - It will reduce a number of actions to take.

2nd Guardian: A support with Fire Attributes.

Esuna - This will make an abnormal state recovery.
Barrier - A spell that can increase defense.
Brave - A buff that will increase attack.
Berserk - This will increase both attack and magic but will lower defense.
Haste - A buff that can increase actions taken.

**Tip: It is recommended that you take care of the 2nd Guardian first. Its buff can greatly affect the game.

Mobius: Final Fantasy - Hashmal Recommended Jobs and Decks

Attacker - Judge Master

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Supporter - Strategist

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Breaker - Grappler

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Defender - Hereford tick Knight

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Other jobs that you can use are Demon, Bard, or Senjutsushi (Wizard).


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