Mobius Final Fantasy, is an RPG Mobile game by Square Enix. A Freemium gaming app that can match the graphics of consoles on mobile. It has been released since June 2015 in Japan and later on introduced to the international crowd this year, August 2016.

After the worldwide release, Mobius Final Fantasy has been one of the pillars of Final Fantasy franchise mobile gaming. Because of its console like graphics, Mobius Final Fantasy is here to stay.

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Because of the constant expansion and to thrill new and old players alike, Mobius Final Fantasy introduces Infinite Arena!

If you think you have the guts, the right equipment, and arsenal - the Infinite Arena is here to test you. Needing a total of 2070 Goddess Marks to unlock all areas, a bunch of players consider it to be a grueling event.

The Infinite Arena is here to separate the boys from men. With scorching sands that you'll see left and right and the seemingly never ending battles, it can batter down the hopes of fierce warriors.

How To Proceed?

Infinite Arena needs an almost infinite amount of Goddess Mark (a total of 2070 Goddess Marks to unlock all areas).

Goddess Marks can be obtained from joining the arena. You will get a random amount of Goddess Marks after each battle. It can range from 0 - 100.

Notable Infinite Arena Bosses

Imperial Lich

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Ability Card: Ice Sword
Element: Earth / Water


2016 10 20 04 43 14 mobiusff behemoth

Ability Card: Lesser Ice Cross
Element: Water

Baby Behemoth

Ability Card: Lesser Ice Burst
Element: Water


2016 10 20 04 46 10 mobius final fantasy infinite arena cockatrice

Ability Card: Aero
Element: Wind

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