Mobius: Final Fantasy started the year right by giving away one free summon once a day after you've climbed the sacred mountain. Aside from the free summon, they also promised a guaranteed 5★ ability pull every time you do a special summon. Too bad it only lasted from January 1 midnight to January 3 23:59PM. Still, let us check on what goodies await us at the start of the year.

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January 1

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If you've been playing the game religiously, Mobius: Final Fantasy opened a special region just to celebrate the New Year. The goodies you'll get is a free summon after you've climbed the sacred mountain.

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To make everybody feel lucky this January, Mobius also launched a Time-Limited 5★ Ability Summon. Players who tried to pull during January 1 00:00 to January 3 23:59pm got a guaranteed 5★ Ability. The maximum pulls a player can make is eight.

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The second batch for Dissidia Final Fantasy has arrived to celebrate the New Year with Mobius Final Fantasy players. Get a chance to get a Dissidia FF Legend Cards and Legend Jobs available on January 1 until January 12 6:59PM UTC.

Aside from the Dissidia FF Legend Jobs you can get, the Legend Job Mythic Ninja is also unlockable.

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January 8

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It's Mobius Day. This time they are giving away 5,000 fire and water skill seeds aside from the usual double stamina, increased fusion success rates, etc.

January 10

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Prepare for the coming of Chapter IV: Doubt and Illusion by completing this Chapter IV Prologue: A New Light. Gain greater strength just before the door to Chapter IV opens.

January 12

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Ready your Summon Tickets as the last batch of Dissidia Final Fantasy is here to visit Mobius. Get those Dissidia FF Legend Cards and Legend Job as this is available only from January 12 to January 23 6:59pm UTC.

If you weren't able to get a Dissidia exclusive pull, you can try your luck with the Legend Job Mythic Knight. It is also available during the same time.

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