Mobius: Final Fantasy is a mobile RPG by Square Enix. Aside from its signature Final Fantasy good story line, it has spectacular graphics that can match console gaming. 

As of this month, Mobius: Final Fantasy has reached a milestone. 8,888,888 registered users worldwide are now under their book. They are celebrating with a bang by giving away Free Summons and spectacular Login Bonuses!

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Mobius: Final Fantasy Log In Bonus

In celebration of the Mobius: Final Fantasy milestone, you will get a Special Login Bonus everyday from November 1 12:00am UTC to November 13 23:59pm UTC. These Special Login Bonus will be added to your regular login bonus. 

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The bonus will be activated for 18 days from the first time you log in during the 8M event period. Make sure to check it everyday.

Mobius: Final Fantasy Free Summons

Aside from the login bonus you'll receive, you will also get one Free Card Summon everyday. This period is valid from November 1 12:00am UTC until November 13 23:59pm UTC. You can summon one ability card once a day for free!

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Mobius: Final Fantasy is giving away a total of 13 Free Summons. Free summons refresh everyday at 12:00am UTC.

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Aside from making Mobius: Final Fantasy enjoyable to all their players, they are also sharing the celebration of having a total of 8.88M registered users. What are you waiting for? Go claim that freebie!

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