Mobius: Final Fantasy 
is introducing Omega and the Azure Witch Campaign. By adding new events and maps, they maintain their solid group of players and also attract new players alike.

Mobius: Final Fantasy, a console-like mobile RPG from Square Enix is making waves in the mobile gaming industry. Its good graphics, gameplay, and controls can match the games that players can play on other consoles.

On this guide, we will let you know what it is, how to participate, and the rewards to be reaped on this newest campaign.

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Omega and the Azure Witch is the newest event in Mobius: Final Fantasy. Players will be immersed in a different place. A different side of Palamecia. Ascend to a vertiginous tower and face the Omega after each floor.

There is only one way up and there will be no teleportation area. Be amply prepared before you step on to this challenge.

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An Omega is a machine specie that has a great status resistance. Its HP and Offense Power increases as you climb your way. 

For the first 10 floors, its HP is ~10,000 with an OP of ~150. 11th floor to the 20th floor will be ~14,000 HP with -240 Offensive Power, 21st floor to 30th is going to be ~19,000 with ~350 OP, 31st to 40th floor its stats is ~22,000 HP with ~430 OP, and last but not the least, the strongest Omega will be on the last 10 floors with ~26,000 HP and equipped with ~500 Offensive Power.

Take note that the Omega is a Wind Attribute machine specie. Make sure to make it crumble before it reaches 120% charge. You don't want it to unleash the Wave Cannon a continuous barrage of damaging attacks.

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The Azure Witch is a heretic and she is against the will of Vox. Even though she can also see and hear Wol's companion spirit, Echo remarked that she is "a witch who threatens the order of the world".

She has control over monsters and in this campaign, over Omega.

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Joining the Omega and the Azure Witch event is easy. You can participate by tapping on the new region "Omega and the Azure Witch" from the world map. Since there is only one way up, expect to face stronger enemies lurking as you move towards the top.

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Notable rewards that you can get at the start of the Tower is the x1 Crystal on the 4th level. You can also gain x1 Crystal on the 20th, 30th, and 40th floor.

The best reward is definitely on the top floor where you can get x1 Crystal and x1 Summon Ticket.

Players can gain gils, ability tickets, etc. on other floors as well.

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Aside from the rewards mentioned above, you can also get additional perks based on your rank. A 1 to 500 ranking can get x10 Ability Ticket for an extra reward. A 3,001 - 10,000 ranked player can get x1 Elixir. Players who are on the 10,001 to 50,000 rank can have x1 ★ 2 Cactuar. 

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We hope you survive the tower and reap the rewards! Aside from that, we also hope you enjoy how the story will go. Not to spoil you but it will be a shocker!

We will give you a video about the Omega and the Azure Witch below. Watch at your own risk.

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