Many people are easily lured in by amazing graphics, atmospheric music, and unique combat system only to be disappointed with poorly-written dialogues, stereotypical characters, and repetitive features. In this article, we attempt to break down Mobius: Final Fantasy, explore its core aspects, and comment on each of them. We hope that you'll find this review useful in deciding whether to get your hands on this game or not.


Undeniably, Mobius: Final Fantasy has outdone every mobile game that's ever been developed in terms of visuals. It boasts high-quality 3D graphics, crisp textures, and scenic locations. The level of detail is outrageously high and the colours are mesmerising. It is as if you are playing a console-exclusive in the comforts of a handheld device.

On the downside, this makes the game quite heavy. Even if you manage to run it on your low-spec phone, the animations and cutscenes will not go smoothly, making it prone to lagging.


As expected from any game in this illustrious franchise, Mobius: Final Fantasy's soundtrack has a majestic feel in it that has the ability to transport you to the mystical world of Palamecia. Some tracks are mellow, dreamy, and even emotional, while some can either be mysterious or spine-tingling. They are all very immersive, making each cutscene or battle a memorable experience for every player.


Funny banters and witty remarks are abound. The dialogues fit each character's personality really well, from the clueless protagonist Wol to the omniscient Vox. We guarantee you'll have a couple of laughs in your playthrough.


Mobius: Final Fantasy's cast of characters is rather cliche. You have your hero lead, a female love interest of high rank (in this case, a princess) who's very elusive, a seemingly unappreciated best friend/companion who is willing to risk his life for the protagonist, a mysterious guide, the sexy, snarky female ally who's probably going to betray you, and some guy whom you aren't sure if he's a friend or a foe.

Nevertheless, their interactions are quite interesting and enjoyable to watch.


As I have mentioned in one of my previous articles, this game's story is one of those overused "Choose your own path or follow the prophecy" kind. The outcomes are predictable and there really isn't anything to look forward to story-wise. The main goal of finally meeting Princess Sarah in flesh keeps dragging on and you'll probably lose interest in the story before you even reach her doorsteps. Personally, what I am waiting to find out is which of Wol's allies is going to stab him in the back and exactly when this will happen.

Voice Acting

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